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I Barely Made It Back

About four years ago on a warm summer Saturday Morning, I was running my typical 3 to 5 mile route back through the hills and trails of Richmond Park.  (I typically put in a little workout before teaching down at our local Krav Academy.)  I was keeping a pretty good pace for an 'old guy' when I felt a *ping* in my right leg. It happened when I was almost at the bottom of the huge hill back in the trails about a mile and a half or so into my run.  It was enough to stop me in my tracks.  When I felt it, I 'pulled over', massaged my leg, stretched a little and thought I'd just 'run though it' like I typically always did... Only this time it was a little different... I didn't even get 10 yards and I had to stop again.  I figured I'd 'rinse and repeat' the stop, massage, stretch method. Then off I went again... This time I maybe got 15 yards, but the pain wasn't going away... But that didn't dissuade my resolve. I did the 'Rinse, Repea

Rough Beginnings

Rough Beginnings... Chad is one of my best friends. He and I go back a long time. I'm talking to middle school days, which is pushing 40 years ago!  (Really!? That long?... F******ck! I'm getting pretty long in the tooth!) Chad and I didn't start off as friends, actually he annoyed the crap out of me... (I'm sure the feeling was probably mutual). It took a while for him and I to connect, but over time we forged a friendship that has lasted almost four decades. Together we've faced and survived many storms through the years. Life and death stuff, business and financial stuff, personal highs and lows, marriages, divorces, kids, relationships, fortunes won and lost, good and bad times, days I can't forget (and admittedly some I can't remember =) Anyway, the point is that his and my relationship didn't start off that way. It started off rocky. Hadn't he and I scratched beneath the surface of our initial response, we wouldn't have never found the frie

Frequency, Duration & Intensity

A few years back I was having trouble bending my arm. I was in a fair amount of pain for several years.  It got to the point where I could only move my arm a few degrees either way. Even after surgery, my arm doesn't come close to fully straightening out.  Take a look at the picture and you can see what the doc took out of my elbow joint.  What is all of that stuff and how did it get in my arm?! And a better question is how do YOU avoid it from happening to you! The picture shows bone chips that my body calcified over to protect itself. All of those chips had accumulated in my elbow joint over the years until I could no longer bend my elbow. It was almost completely frozen! I tried everything before agreeing to surgery in 2015.  As you can see, there was a lot of debris in there. Hard to believe all that stuff was stuck in my elbow joint... yet there it is! No getting around the fact that surgery was necessary if I was ever going to bend my arm somewhat normally again. Had I known

This House Is Sh*t!!!

  Busy day... A lot of connecting w/our community, live, on the phone and online. Good stuff Maynard! I have to say, I really do love our community. I love it when I hear from you folks!  We're not like a lot of these on-line memberships... We'll I guess, by rights we're on-line AND local at the academy, HOWEVER, most of our members are remote, on-line.  I'm old school though and still take care of folks personally, whether they're here in GR or Somewheresville outta town (like most of you). I treat everyone as personally as I can, kinda like they're here at the academy.  Just like these emails. They're not auto-responders or hammered out by some VA (virtual assistant), they're all written by me in real time (well, mostly anyway!). Like Obe Wan Kenobi... I believe in the Old Ways... =) Well, sort of!  Several years ago I did updated to offering on-line training programs. Now, you have literally over two thousand training videos available: Courses, module

Woke Racist!?

I J ust got finished w/a nice walk around the block. Now I'm sitting here sipping on my Kevita Tart Cherry Kombucha thinking about stirring some sh*t up! =7 As if I really need to do that in today's day and age anyway... BLM - WOKE - RACISM & DEFUNDING the POLICE I know, I know I'm pretty fatigued about all of the drama surrounding those subjects too. But these movements continue to cause conflict on almost every level of our society right now.  Of course, the reality that seeded these movements need our attention, but my guess is, just like you, I grow tired of the emotional unbalanced drama that media (social or otherwise) amplifies.  Give me more of the level headed, rational, lets figure this out, kinda attitude and less of the emotional reactionary mud/shame slinging, bullying, de-platforming, tuning out or violent temper tantrum approach. I could drone on spouting off my opinions and perspectives, but I shall not... I actually wanted to share this really good podc