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Money Over Life?! Really?

Let me tell you a story about an argument... Ahhh... 'Discussion' I was in with someone a while back regarding a very hot subject... Now keep in mind that my point wasn't to say that the situation wasn't important or problematic. Nor do I claim to be an authority having all of the answers... Oh, no, my intent was WAY more devious than that... My point had to do with  human nature, virtue signalling and tactical decision making.*  LET'S BEGIN SHALL WE?!? Take the Bus?! The conversation that I want to tell you about deals with someone making a statement about public safety regarding driving on the road. Here's how it went: "Why aren't we doing something about people's safety?!" "Like what?"  I said. "Y ou know?! We should be doing everything we can to keep people safe on the road!"  (Ok, I thought, I'll play...) "Do you drive or take the bus to work? "

The 'Seat Belt Theory' & Risk Aversion

Exploring Risk... There are a lot of ties to risk and life... Yes, when it comes to life, no one is getting out of this alive, however that leaves a lot of leeway between here and there... When it comes to being a protector and dealing with the spectrum of human conflict it's often not a matter of good v. bad, but choosing bad over worse.  Most people can navigate the former better than the latter. Which makes for a bigger challenge because when it comes to conflict, crisis and violence, there is rarely a perfect outcome...  Usually more like... Sucks or Sucks Worse! And that's hard for folks, especially now-a-days, where we are (or were anyways) used to the idea that we have more control over things than we actually do... No ladies and gents, things don't always look like the brochure... Sorry! Helping People Understand... Often times, people want easy solutions that work out perfectly. As you and I both know (w/conflict) i

Learn the Real Secret to a Villain's Advantage

Villainy?! Here We Go Again... As you can see, I'm on a Villain kick again!  What is it this time? Well, the last email when I wrote about them, I listed a number of attributes that gave them the advantage...  Well, I was watching one of my favorite movies a few nights ago and it reminded me of something else that those villains do that will give you the advantage too if you know how to harness it!  Ra's al Ghul? I know, I know, my tie-in should be one from Star Wars, but it's not, it's from the 2005 movie Batman Begins.  (If it's any consolation, this scene does remind me a lot of Star Wars.) Do you remember Ra's al Ghul played by Liam Neeson? Well, Bruce Wayne (Batman) ends up training under him to learn his Villainous ways of understanding strategy, tactics, influence and mindset. (It wasn't until later that Bruce figures out that good ol'e Raz is actually a Super Villain...) Regardless, under al Ghul

The Benefits of Procrastination

Remember what Patrick Swazye's surfer guru character, Bodhi said to Keanu Reeves in the 1991 movie classic, Point Break?    "Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true." That can be true especially in situations that are critical,m when you don't have the luxury of time on your side.... Like a physical self defense situation or a verbal debate.  The Power.... But, one thing that hesitation and procrastination does give you is... Power! Yes, one of the powers of procrastination is that if you're paying attention, it will tell you that you are either just being lazy... or there is something inside of that waiting, that you are afraid of.  That's alright, but you may want to lean in and explore that a bit to find out what that is.  If you can get to the bottom of that, it will give you the opportunity for growth... And that my friend, will bring you into a greater place of power!