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I'd Never Do THAT!?!

What I want to share today has to do with limits of perspective when it comes to having an open mind about different ways of doing things... When I'm training people to deal with conflict or violence, I sometime hear them say... "I'd never do THAT!" ...or "We/I do it THIS way..." When the hard chargers see a way of dealing w/conflict or violence that is a bit of a 'softer' approach they often think, "I'd never do THAT!" and then proceed to create a worse case, no win scenario that is typically void of any of the aftermath ethically, emotionally or legally. Conversely... When the gun shy crew (who aren't so much into the physical nature of protecting) are introduced to a physically 'assertive' tactic, they believe "I'd never do THAT!" and then shut down or white wash the situation, trying to keep it in the area that they are comfortable with... Which may be anything but phy

I'm No Superhero!

Every superhero has an Origin Story. Their 'Why'... Although I'm no superhero, I DO have my own Origin story as to why I started this journey, why I teach Krav Maga and why I created the PeaceWalker  approach. For me, it started as a kid with my older brother.... Like many siblings, I loved my brother, but let's just say that because of his largely un-diagnosed psychological conditions, alcohol and drug abuse problem and uncontrollable anger issues, they made him an 'Overachiever' in the physical and emotional violence department. (He was probably bipolar and had impulse control issues w/fits of rage... both of which went largely undiagnosed at the time in the 70's.) This resulted in more than one visit to the hospital for me and a distrust in people that I managed with what I'll call 'creative independence'... others might say that although I was social, I was emotionally distant. No, I don't cry myself to s

The Stories We Tell

The other day I was reading yet another post of someone who was telling a story about their 'people'. Before you think I'm some bigoted racist, let me explain what I mean when I say 'Their People?' When I say that, I mean any group that someone sees themselves as being a part of. It could be: Man - Woman - Black - White - Hispanic - Asian - American - Conservative Liberal - Republican - Democrat - LGBT - Straight - Jewish - Christian - Buddhist - Atheist - Old - Young - Millennial - Non-Millennial - Gen X - Baby Boomers - Rich - Poor - Middle Class - Pro-Life - Pro-Choice - For Guns - Against Guns -Geek - Gamer - Kravist -   Martial Artist - Survivalist - Environmentalist - Vegan - Capitalist - Cop - Teacher - Mother - Father - Single... We have no shortage of groups to identify with, but that's NOT the problem. It's when we begin to disrespect others value as human beings outside of our group...or when we judge, devalue and disre

Ferriss Reveals How to Make It Look Easy

I came across this good article by Tim Ferriss (Author of 4 Hour Work Week). He said that he changed his life by asking himself this 9 word question... What was this transformative sentence?! "What would it look like if it were easy?" When I read that I immediately thought of another one of my favorite Ferris' Ferris Bueller! He too had a knack for making things look easy! However... Not to detract from the wisdom of the Ferriss', but I think the bigger, more impactful question to ask yourself is... How do I have to TRAIN to make it look easy? When you compare people who make things look easy ranging from Navy SEALS to soccer Mom's, Special Ops to sales people, Counter terrorism experts to IT professionals... Krav Maga baddies to every day Daddy's... The ones who make things look REALLY EASY are the ones who TRAIN to make it look easy... They Train their... Mind Body Habits and LIfestyle ...So w