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A Halloween Stabbing!

  What'd ya think I meant?! HAPPY  HALLOWEEN !! You and I both know there are plenty of things in the world to be afraid of, but for tonight, I hope you enjoy the magic of the holiday with your loved ones.  Yes, we train to protect against the things that go 'bump in the night... But don't lose sight of WHY we train in the first place!  Don't let an ominous mindset and training focus turn you into the very thing you are training to protect yourself and others against!  The idea of training is to defend against the dark arts! =) Speaking of... I recorded a special  Halloween  Podcast Episode for you. Here's the link to listen to it... If You Dare! =) episodes/122-The-Great- Pumpkin-e1pq7rg Spirits of the Dead by Edgar Allen Poe  (Published 1829) Thy soul shall find itself alone 'Mid dark thoughts of the grey tomb-stone -- Not one, of all the crowd, to pry Into thine hour of secrecy: Be silent in that solitude     Which is not loneli


Holy cow!! What a fantastic weekend!! What weekend?! The last weekend of September and the first weekend of October! We had our first annual PeaceWalker LIVE Camp and it was off the hook!  We had about 30 people attend through out the three day weekend event.  15 instructors did some fantastic breakout sessions too!  As a matter of fact, this camp put the spotlight on our own PeaceWalker / Krav Community!  I began by laying the groundwork on what is this PeaceWalker Path is and how it all ties in together.  Then I handed several breakout sessions to our community member instructors. We also did some adventure challenges. A ropes course, trust fall and other team building activates.  You can check out all the pics on our instagram page here: peacewalkerlife/ Wait a Minute... All of Them?! We had an impressive crew of participants and instructors: Accomplished martial artists, police, teachers, counselors, nurses, doctors, EMT's, professors, pastors, milit

Look For the Helpers

All of this talk about the war in Israel and war can get overwhelming. The endless news reports and social media sharing. The graphic images and discussions about violence, killing, rape and torture. The talk between family and friends about what's happening in the Middle East. All of this can affect our kids.  Our children sometimes over hear these discussions and see the graphic images and begin to become fearful.  When they see adults get upset they pick up on that too.  They may be direct about it. "Mom/Dad all this talk about terrorism, violence and war is making me feel uneasy and anxious."   But more than likely, their feelings may not be expressed directly or clearly. This anxiety and fear becomes displaced. It's seemingly ambiguous sometimes.  The War on Fear Remember your kids look to you on how to deal with things. They are relying on you for a sense of safety and security.  Here's some basic tips on How To Talk To Your Children About Conflict & War

The Shock of a Surprise Attack

I was out in New Jersey when I heard that Israel was under surprise attack by Hamas, a terrorist organization controlling the Gaza Strip. Then to make matters worse Hezbollah,  (the terrorist group largely controlling Lebanon),  also staged an attack.   These surprise attacks came at an especially vulnerable time, as the Israel celebrated Sukkot a seven days holiday that commemorates how the Jewish people were sheltered and protected on their long journey from Egypt to Israel — as well as celebrating the abundance of the annual harvest. The casualties continue to mount and, I predict, will continue to over the next several days / weeks ahead.  After hearing all of this, I immediately thought of my Israeli friends and collogues who live there. Some are in the army, or other protective services position (or their kids are), where others are (very) concerned citizens.  Every one of them that I contacted so far is alive and well for the moment.  My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to eve


  Patience. A word that we heard as kids. A word we still hear, but haven't grown to like any better.  For most adults, it's a just a word. In our instant gratification worlds patience is something we rarely really feel the full weight of, but it still has influence over us.  A buddy of mine is in the process of losing 40 pounds he's doing it the right way. He's lost about 27 so far and has another 13 to go. He's shedding about 2 to 3 pounds per week, so that means he'll be at his diet for another couple months.  It's a (relatively) slow, methodical, day in and day out process.   It's a choice he makes every day, every meal, every snack.  It's the same for folks who walk into my local Krav Maga Academy. Learning takes patience, because it takes time.  You have to learn to enjoy the process, because it IS a process.  The same holds true for learning anything.  HOWEVER... Just because time is passing doesn't mean you're improving. Compare these