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Hold On Loosely Is More Than a Song...

Getting Back Up On the Horse Life happens and sometimes we are not able to make it to training for days, weeks, months or more... It could be for many reasons... Sickness / injury Job Personal issues Relationship changes Travel or Vacation New baby Finances Shifting priorities etc. However, if you take the advice I shared a few [Almost] daily emails ago about Building a Practice vs. (Just) going to practice, it will be easier to find your way back to your rhythm This is a big reason I began these [Almost] Daily emails... (Click HERE  for FREE subscription). It is to help folks like you to stay connected and build your practice as it also helps to sustain my own. Reasons vs. Excuses... The folks who recently came back to training had reasons for their lapse in their academy attendance... One had an injured back, then got the flu... a couple of the others had babies! Those are some legit reasons for a few absence

The Naked Man Incident

Me, the not so naked man, at the iHeart Media Studio I was recently featured on Nationally Syndicated Frontlines of Freedom Talk Radio Show. Host Skip Coryell and I talk about Mindset, Personal Protection & Church Security. Here's the link to the show: Don't Miss Hearing the 'Naked Man Incident' JUST A HEADS UP... I talk on a few sections of the show - Right at the beginning and at minute 38:50 where we talk about the 'Naked Man' Incident! =) Both segments are a pretty quick listen... You may enjoy some of the other segments that I'm not on too... Anyway, have a great day and I'll talk with you next week! Keep going, ~Craig

Indiana Jones and Situational v. Technique Timing

On my last blog, I shared some insights on what to do if you run up against someone who has you at the business end of a weapon... and you either don't have your 'equalizer' at the ready, or... *gasp* don't have one on you! If you haven't read that one (complete w/video link to a knife disarm)... Go check it out. Timing is Everything... One thing we didn't talk about is an important concept I call... Technique v. Situational Timing. Slow is Smooth...Smooth is Fast Technique timing is 'the' how you execute your technique...  Techniques have a rhythm and sequence to them. The more fluid you are, the more fast you can be... If you work your techniques enough to be smooth and fluid, when you add adrenaline and intent, you will find yourself to be faster and more powerful than you may have thought. Technique timing is how well those things come together for you.  Practice so that you can perform your te

Little Known Secret to Surviving a Knife Attack

3C's of Empty Hand v. Weapons Let's first back it up a a step or two... If you don't have a weapon in a potentially violent situation where there are weapons involved... What does the Person w/the Weapon have? An ADVANTAGE! Never forget that! Then we get into whether to... Engage or Not?! Remember, weapons are dangerous (as if we could forget that!), so you should only choose to engage physically if that is your last resort for survival or to protect the life of someone else... Do what you can to avoid the situation, get away, or talk your way out of it, if you can... Only physically engaging if that is the only option left to protect your own or someone else's life. When Might You Go Physical? Here are some times when you MIGHT believe that going physical would be your best choice to protect your own life or the life of someone else's. You get the feeling that this person is just going to attack you regard