Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Training w/a Busy Schedule

Training at Caliber 3 Counter Terorism & Security Academy
Efrat, Israel

Well, I'm back from Israel, Thanksgiving is over, and I'm sitting here in my favorite coffee house writing to you. 

(Actually I'm writing you for the second time. My first 45 minutes attempt got wiped out aaaaggghhhh! and now I'm starting again!)

I want to share a common question that I received from a student who trains here with me locally at our Martial Arts Academy. 
Don't worry though, it's not a martial arts question. It's a question that you can benefit from whether or not you train in martial arts.

The question is how do you keep training when your life doesn't seem to allow you the luxury of time? 

Family responsibilities. Career pressure. Maintaining a healthy relationship. Having friends and a personal life. Keeping your sanity. All of these things weigh in on your time... Resulting in you feeling that you can't train in these PeaceWalker skills.

Time to Train The PeaceWalker Lifestyle...

I totally get the problem of finding time to train. And to add fuel to the fire, how do you manage when life changes coming up, like career responsibilities and increased family obligations?

Training for Life is difficult... 

My First Suggestion Is...

Develop your practice so that it extends beyond training in a class.

For me, this path, this training has contributed so much to my success in life that I see it much more than just conflict management, self defense or working out. It's a way of life for me, so I've learned to carve out time for it, because of the importance I've placed on it for my bigger picture.

Most of my instructors have not been local, so I had to (and still do) go to train with them as much as I can. Then I take that knowledge home and train it on my own, until the next time I can go back to train with them. 

It Doesn't Have to Be Difficult...

That's one of the reasons for developing the PeaceWalker Membership Site. So that people will have access to tools, and community, so that they can train whenever & where ever life allows.
Here are a few more suggestions for keeping your training connected to your life:

1) Keep training on your own - Dedicate sometime every day or week to training PeaceWalker Skills.

2) Find a training partner who you can get together with to train... Someone you gel with. Arrange time to get together with them as much as you both can.

3) Sign up for the new PeaceWalker on-line membership site when it's available (in a couple weeks). 

-Tons of Training Videos Updated Regularly. 

- Access to the entire Online PeaceWalker Conflict Communication Home Study Course. 

- Weekly MasterClasses and case studies w/guest instructors that show you how real people from all walks of life are using the PeaceWalker approach to live safer, more successful lives.

- Leadership, Conflict Management & Self Defense for the Real World! All at your fingertips whenever you have time to learn!

- The site was designed for someone just like you. Someone w/a busy life who wants to continue to stay connected to this PeaceWalker LifeStyle! 

- Membership is less than $1/per day! No risk, cancel anytime. 

4) Come to our LIVE Protectors Conference Coming in 2018!

5) Come to one of our LIVE monthly tactical seminars in Michigan.

                            If you're local to Grand Rapids:

6) Come down and watch one of our regular Krav Maga classes. If you like it...

7) Register for an upcoming Krav Intro Session and then...

8) Go to as many classes as you can...

But regardless of what you do...

Keep Going...

The goofy smile I get after a good day of training at
Caliber 3 Counter Terror & Security Academy in 
Efrat, Israel

November 27h

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

What's Everyone's Problem?

Is This Thing On?!?

Do you ever wonder if anyone is listening? Does it ever feel like you are just floating in a sea of isolation? Alone and vulnerable.

We strive for connection. We strive to know that we are going to be alright... That someone has our back in this sometimes big scary world.

Even the thought of going to war feels good in a weird way when you have your com padre' at your side. In our relationships we want to know that the other person is in our corner and is there for us if we needed them. We want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. That it all somehow has a purpose. That it's worth it. That WE'RE worth it! Worth the strife, the work, the trouble, the toil. Worth the good, the bad and even the ugly that we all have gone through and will go through during our lives.

It's About Community...

Feeling connected and that we belong is a HUGE need that we have as human beings. If you want to be a good leader you have to have a connection with those that are by your side.The better sense of connection you have with the person or group, the easier it is to manage conflict, work out your difficulties and come to a resolution. This is One of Our Biggest Troubles...

One of the major hurdles that we currently have in our country and communities is that we seem to be feeling LESS CONNECTED! That feeling is causing a lot of conflict and MAKING CONFLICTS WORSE.

Police don't feel connected with the communities that they are protecting.

Citizens don't feel connected with the police who are there to protect them.

Liberals aren't feeling connected with the conservatives.

Muslims aren't feeling connected with the Jews.

Jews aren't feeling connected with the Christians.

Black people aren't feeling connected with white people.

Americans aren't feeling connected with Mexicans.

Straight people are feeling connected with gay people.

Poor people aren't feeling connected to rich people.

People working in production aren't feeling connected with people working in administration.

Student's aren't feeling connected with the teachers.

Teachers aren't feeling connected with the parents.

Women aren't feeling connected with men in the workplace.

Bald people aren't feeling connected with folks with hair.

Connected people aren't feeling connected with disconnected people.

You get the idea... But You Don't Understand... It seems as if everyone wants everyone else to understand them.

I get it! We want to be understood and respected. And when we don't feel understood, listened to, respected and protected we begin to push back. And we're experiencing a LOT of PUSH BACK right now.


I'm not a sociologist, but I think we are in a really interesting time!

A time of change!

A time of power!

A time of growth!

A time where we have a lot of opportunity!

However, I find it interesting that although we live in a time where we are more connected  than ever before, in many ways we feel more disconnected and overwhelmed than ever.


Two things really:


Which brings us to the thing that is responsible for this...

(2) Technology!

The same thing that is helping to bring more information and positive connection is also the cause for bringing these negative things to light too..

Our differences...

Yep, that's right, I believe we are feeling growing pains, I'll call the middle kid syndrome.

We are striving for respect, to feel recognized and appreciated in an ever growing tribe. We have more connection, yet feel disconnected, raw and exposed...We want to know that we matter and we will be protected as we are. As police, as citizens, as gay, as straight, as conservatives, as liberals, as black, white, Jew, Muslim, rich, poor, etc. etc. That our LIFE has VALUE and will be respected. That we will be treated with dignity and respect beyond our labels...

Oops... But That's NOT What We Said...

We're fighting over respect and recognition. Safety and security. We are fighting over dignity and human rights, but we are looking through our deeply held labels that we see as our identity. We think we are saying, "respect me as a person." But that's not what we actually say. What we end up saying is, "respect my label, my assumed identity." Respect my straightness... or my gayness. Respect my religious perspective. Respect how I believe and who I believe I am... because that is what I believe to be my identity.

So when you disrespect my label, belief or what I value. I perceive that you are not respecting ME!

We have a bit of an identity crisis. We cannot even separate our own beliefs and relative values from our Life Value. Not everyone is going to like or necessarily respect our relative differences. But here's the thing...

We don't have to!

I don't have to agree with or like the things you do. However, if I disrespect your value as a human being up to and including violence. That's not right and will be typically met with resistance and more conflict. I have to separate your Life Value from all of that.

We have to look beyond our labels...

Our paradigm is shifting. It has to in order to accommodate our growth. It is time that we see beyond our relative differences to the one thing that really connects all of us...

We Are All Human Beings...

Maybe if we first saw each other as living human beings and we held that value first... Maybe by holding that connection as the fundamental launching pad for everything else, it would be easier to work through all our differences? I don't know, but it's a good place to start...

Yes, of course we have differences. It would be boring if we didn't. Our differences make the spice of life! But our strength is by recognizing our sameness, our common similarity. That's where our true power lies when it comes to working out our differences.


You want to get above the argument? You want to get beneath to the foundation of conflict resolution? Start with the Value of Human Life! Connect with THAT! The rest is Just Details!

Get Connected / Stay Connected

One of the major benefits of being part of the PeaceWalker Movement is not just the loads of great information that you'll have access to...

It's really about being connected with a Community of good people.

So, to help accomplish that, I have set up a private facebook PeaceWalker Community group that will be open for members in the near future.

Being part of the PeaceWalker tribe will give you access to all of the training, the tips tricks and tactics.

The MasterClasses are there so you can learn how other PeaceWalkers are using these tools and this perspective to be more successful in their careers and lives. 

And how you can too!

So stay tuned for the NEW PeaceWalker Memebership site Opening SOON!!

...In the meantime, enjoy this wet fall day!!

All the best


Monday, November 20, 2017

Training for the Long Haul

I'm sitting here in my favorite Ikea chair w/my feet propped up, sipping on a Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea. Listening to a Robert Plant concert from last year and talking with you.  

Thanks for spending a moment with me today...

Training for the Long Haul... Injury Prevention & Rehab

It's a bit of a rainy day. I'm a little achy. 

It's easy to look at the things you can't do. It's easy to let the minor (and not so minor) injuries, aches or pains hinder your training...

...or prevent you from training all together!

Don't let things like this get you down. 

This is what we talk about on Dr. Eric DeLamielleure  MasterClass on the PeaceWalker Membership site!

Here's our topics:

Answers to the 3 Critical Mistakes Most People Make When Recovering From An Injury. 

Top 5 Things Men Over 40 Can Do to Prevent Injury When Exercising

This MasterClass along with all of the other courses, workshops, and material, will be available soon on the PeaceWalker Membership Site! 

Membership is Opening SOON! 

Stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are a few tips to keep you going even when you don't feel like fighting the good fight in training on any given day...

  • Go easy on yourself! It's ok to change your routine to accommodate an injury. Yes, some injuries just need rest and time off. However, many minor injuries can be worked around. 
  • The best way to stay in shape is to never get out of shape! (Friend & mentor, Bob Barss shared that line w/me at a recent lunch. Great advice!)
  • Workout appropriately. Meaning be realistic with yourself about what you do and how much you push yourself (or don't). Some push too much, others not enough. Find balance.
  • Create a well rounded workout that incorporates: Strength, flexibility, stamina, coordination & structure... and sustainability! 
  • Remember being fit & being healthy are two differentthings. They are not mutually exclusive no more than are they synonymous. 
  • Don't forget body maintenance: Regular check ups and physicals, body work like massage, acupuncture or pressure, chiropractic, etc. are also essential for the long haul of PeaceWalker Training!  
  • Find a rhythm. Do what works for you, so you can Keep Going!
  • Remember, if you don't take care of your body, where you going  to live?!
Keep these things in mind when it comes to training and the Long Haul!

You got this,

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Attack: Meeting the Situation Head On!

It was a good few days. I was invited to a friend (Buyu and fellow protector, Tony N.) wedding out in Philly. It was an honor to be invited to be a part of their special day. So, I packed up my car and headed out to Pennsylvania.

I have a few friends who have trained w/me who live out in PA, so I figured I'd visit one (Jim B.) who lives half way from here to Philly.

He and his wife are renowned artists and have a cool place up in the mountains. They were gracious hosts.

Jim took me to a artist retreat center he teaches and then we went hiking around Ohiopyle State Park, followed by some well deserved beers!

The next day I drove the other 4 1/2 hours to Philly for Tony's wedding.

Which, BTW was OFF THE HOOK!

It was held at Bryn Athyn Cathedral and was probably the most beautifully elaborate wedding I've ever been to in my life! Like in the movies! It was crazy!!

I spent the day and part of the evening with friends and their family and then back on the road to 

Oh, I have to mention, the drive was GORGEOUS! Going through the mountains of PA when the trees are changing color is something you have to see sometime in your life! SPECTACULAR!
Yes, the Protectors Life can be a good one if that what YOU CREATE.
ACTION - Meeting the Threat Head On!

So far when talking about ways to deal with a Terrorist or 'Lone Wolf' Threat, we've introduced this idea of:


We've talked about all of these strategies except ATTACK.

When and why would we CHOOSE to Attack in a situation like this?

Simply, to do one of two things:


Protect Others

Lets NOT over complicate things. The whole idea of this process is to save lives (including your own) in the face of extreme danger.

ATTACKING the situation or in this case the attacker head on, is ANOTHER option to be used IF the situation warrants it and the timing and opportunity are present.

So, the WHY and WHEN of using this strategy is:

To Save Life

Only as a LAST Resort

The opportunity presented itself should be a last resort!

...but you need to know when to implement this aggressive approach!

All the best,