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Training w/a Busy Schedule

Training at Caliber 3 Counter Terorism & Security Academy Efrat, Israel Well, I'm back from Israel, Thanksgiving is over, and I'm sitting here in my favorite coffee house writing to you.   (Actually I'm writing you for the second time. My first 45 minutes attempt got wiped out aaaaggghhhh! and now I'm starting again!) I want to share a common question that I received from a student who trains here with me locally at our   Martial Arts Academy.   . Don't worry though, it's not a martial arts question. It's a question that you can benefit from whether or not you train in martial arts. The question is how do you keep training when your life doesn't seem to allow you the luxury of time?   Family responsibilities. Career pressure. Maintaining a healthy relationship. Having friends and a personal life. Keeping your sanity. All of these things weigh in on your time... Resulting in you feeling that you can't train in the

What's Everyone's Problem?

Is This Thing On?!? Do you ever wonder if anyone is listening? Does it ever feel like you are just floating in a sea of isolation? Alone and vulnerable. We strive for connection. We strive to know that we are going to be alright... That someone has our back in this sometimes big scary world. Even the thought of going to war feels good in a weird way when you have your com padre' at your side. In our relationships we want to know that the other person is in our corner and is there for us if we needed them. We want to belong to something bigger than ourselves. That it all somehow has a purpose. That it's worth it. That WE'RE worth it! Worth the strife, the work, the trouble, the toil. Worth the good, the bad and even the ugly that we all have gone through and will go through during our lives. It's About Community... Feeling connected and that we belong is a HUGE need that we have as human beings. If you want to be a good leader you have to hav

Training for the Long Haul

I'm sitting here in my favorite Ikea chair w/my feet propped up, sipping on a  Yogi Egyptian Licorice Tea . Listening to a Robert Plant concert from last year and talking with you.   Thanks for spending a moment with me today... Training for the Long Haul... Injury Prevention & Rehab It's a bit of a rainy day. I'm a little achy.  It's easy to look at the things you can't do. It's easy to let the minor (and not so minor) injuries, aches or pains hinder your training... ...or prevent you from training all together! Don't let things like this get you down.  This is what we talk about on Dr. Eric DeLamielleure  MasterClass on the PeaceWalker Membership site! Here's our topics: Answers to the 3 Critical Mistakes Most People Make When Recovering From An Injury.  Top 5 Things Men Over 40 Can Do to Prevent Injury When Exercising This MasterClass along with all of the other courses, workshops, and mate

Attack: Meeting the Situation Head On!

It was a good few days. I was invited to a friend (Buyu and fellow protector, Tony N.) wedding out in Philly. It was an honor to be invited to be a part of their special day. So, I packed up my car and headed out to Pennsylvania. I have a few friends who have trained w/me who live out in PA, so I figured I'd visit one (Jim B.) who lives half way from here to Philly. He and his wife are renowned artists and have a cool place up in the mountains. They were gracious hosts. Jim took me to a artist retreat center he teaches and then we went hiking around Ohiopyle State Park, followed by some well deserved beers! The next day I drove the other 4 1/2 hours to Philly for Tony's wedding. Which, BTW was OFF THE HOOK! It was held at Bryn Athyn Cathedral and was probably the most beautifully elaborate wedding I've ever been to in my life! Like in the movies! It was crazy!! I spent the day and part of the evening with friends and their family and the