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Cryptic vs. Clarity

When it comes to training to protect, less cryptic and more clarity is not only a plus it's essential! That's why I like Krav Maga & the PeaceWalker Approach to Conflict. Now I know some of you who train w/me are saying... "Sometimes you're cryptic as f*ck Craig." ...and you would be right! But that's because when it comes to APPLICATION of those basic principles things get real! ...And SIMPLE doesn't mean EASY! Also... It depends on what course/class you come to and what questions you ask. If you take one of our Basic Defensive Tactics or PeaceWalker Conflict Management Courses it is a 1-2-3 approach. The basic fundamentals are not that cryptic they are elegant! It's in their application where things get a bit confusing for the novice. The concepts can be so simple that people think they are easy and believe they 'got it'. Then when they try applying that Basic Principle and fail. After that peop

Position Before Submission

This is a concept that is taught by practitioners of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. The idea of it is that you first establish a good (tactical) position BEFORE you initiate an attack. WHY? Because you will always have to give something to get something. Meaning that you are going to have to risk or sacrifice something you have to gain something you want. In a physical engagement in order to attack you have to risk some of your defensive position. In relationships, you have to risk being vulnerable and getting hurt, to deepen your relationship with another person. In a fire fight with guns, you have to expose yourself in order to get your shot in or return fire. In business you have to risk resources like time, money and effort to acquire something in order to possibly gain financially. There are few "Sure Things" out there... So it's really about Managing Your Risk... What I teach in my Assault Prevention Course can be used in life outside

How to Handle a School Lockdown

Rather than me going into detail on what to do or not... I thought I'd let ROB BARRETT talk to you about his experience of recently being through an actual school lockdown... This was NOT A DRILL mind you... It was a REAL Lockdown in response to an actual threat! But rather than tell you about it, click on this short video below, where Rob tells you what happened and how they responded to the situation. Keep Going, ~Craig Get more Tips & Tactics About Living a Protector's Lifestyle by Signing Up for My FREE Newsletter -

Trick or Treating is a Like Self Defense

Trick or Treat...  Good for Halloween...  Bad for Protecting Yourself! Remember Halloween night when you were a kid!? You prepared for weeks figuring out what you'd dress up as... Mapping out your route to the houses that you knew handed out the best candy... Getting your Halloween flashlight... Remember those things?! They were these really cheaply made flashlights that had a pumpkin, ghost or witch face made of plastic on the front end of the flashlight. We picked them up at Meijers (our local grocery store)... They never survived the night w/o breaking or just not working. Or... Choosing your candy bag?!  Not too small... (You want to make sure you have enough room for all that loot!) ...or too big... (You don't want to lug around something that slows you down from getting to the next house... Lord knows they might run out of candy before you get there...) So finally, the night comes!!! You're a