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They Got More than They Bargained For!

  I’m sitting here in front of the fireplace listening to Thievery Corporation and thinking… What a great weekend of training it was! The usual Tom Foolery on Saturday. Yesterday we had a good turnout for our Back to Basics Seminar at the local academy. Lot’s of new folks there experiencing this PeaceWalker Perspective for the first time. I must say, I thought everyone did a great job! I love sharing this path with new folks… Their questions… Their ‘Aha’ moments… The way they move… What they focus in on… and what they don’t… Training Your Subconscious?! Many people may think… “What good is one seminar going to do for me? I can’t learn anything in one class can I?!” Remember that story I told you last week about one of our members sharing some of these techniques with young ladies from Africa, who ended up using what she learned to protect her child and herself from an attempted kidnapping and physical attack. So, the answer is YES, you CAN Learn some pretty powerful, Life changing, Lif

An Amazing Story!

  I love a good story and THIS one is a doozy! It is our tradition after Krav class, to have everyone sit in a circle (around the proverbial campfire) and tell protector tie-in stories. It’s important to connect the dots on how your training is used in real time. Pointing out the impact your training has on your own Life and the Lives of others is essential. You have to keep reminding yourself how/why this path is SO valuable in everything you do. It’s easy to forget the real value of training. Luckily for many people, outside of professional protectors (like law enforcement, security, etc.), most of the direct physical defense aspects of class are not utilized in their daily Life. However, sometimes it IS! An Amazing Story! One of our student community members has been going to Uganda on mission trips the past couple years. She got an opportunity to teach some of our PeaceWalker methods, including physical self defense, to a group of young ladies over there. This was a big deal for th

Hater Tots!

  I’m going to just get right to it… Not everyone is going to like you… Most probably will, but if you are living Life on your own terms, you’re going to pick up some haters out there. Aaaaaaand there’s nothing you can do about it. What’s the solution?! Beg, plead and kiss their proverbial a$$ to ‘like’ you?! Nope. That’s not going to help. They’ll just find something else to dislike you for. So, you might as well save your apologies for folks who deserve it. You know the saying,  “Hater’s gonna hate.” I know you know that this is especially true online. I just got some online hater tots the other day… Got some tots talking behind my back in real time as well. Don’t go out of your way to upset or make enemies, but know that you’re not going to make everyone happy. It’s NOT you job to! The higher profile you get the greater the chance that not everyone is going to be diggin’ on what you’re doing. Stay in your lane and allow them to do the same. A Fine Line?! I don’t know how fine of a l

Cutting Through the Static

  Me and the crew at Venue 3 Two after a PeaceWalker Conflict Communication Workshop Remember in the old days when you used to listen to the radio on a road trip? No, not digital or streaming. I’m talking about old school FM radio. When you’re putting some miles on and crossing state lines. The radio stations you listen to don’t broadcast far enough for your entire trip, so you have to channel surf to find new channels as you move on down the road. You continue to push the search button until you hear a song in the genre that you want so you can lock in a desirable station for a spell. Sometimes you’re listening to a song you really like but the station is fading… The static starts feint, almost imperceptible, than grows in intensity to the degree that you can no longer ignore it. If you really like the song, you try to hang on as long as you can, listening to the tune through the white noise and times it cuts out completely, hoping to hear as much of the song as you can before the sta