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The Making of a Hero

  A Hero's Story... Maybe your hero is Bruce Lee, General Patten or Albert Einstein. Those might be worthwhile heroes. However, it would be even better to become your own hero. Your life is your story, and every story needs a hero. My definition of a hero is someone who raises to the occasion to help someone one in a moment of need.  I'll be honest, I don't hold up sports figures, performers, or the like to be heroes. That's not to say that I don't appreciate what they do. However, by my definition, in order to be a hero you have to help someone in need... Typically at the risk of  yourself in some way.    This could be something big or small.   This weekend was Father's Day. In my eyes most fathers are heroes on more than one occasion while rearing their kids. (Mom's too!) Teachers, police officers, soldiers, medical professionals and many other 'everyday heroes' are just that!  However, they are often overlooked.  It is important to remind people w

Have You Been Lied To?!

  Have you been lied to?! Well, yes and no... About what you ask? Yesterday, I said that the email from one of our community members would be the last one, because I was moving on to other pastures... Well, we ARE moving on to another subject, HOWEVER, I DO have an email to share with you that one of our Private PeaceWalker Members just forwarded me yesterday.  It was an incident that went down on his trip to the Secretary of State (SOS).  I'd go into more detail, but I might as well just share his correspondence with you. So, here you go! Active Shooter?! Hello Craig,  I hope you are doing well. I decided to build a boat with my boys and Father in Law. It has been a blast and we are almost finished.  . Since I am going to be testing the boat on public water I figured I had better get it registered and all above board in case the sheriff decides to pay me a visit. As you can imagine the SOS office which can be a frustrating experience in the best of times, has only gotten more so i

Lessons from Inside 'the Cage'!

  So, here's another email that I got from one of our PeaceWalker Community Members in response to that cluster of emails I sent out last week.  If you haven't read them, go back and check your inbox (or spam folder if you must) for these emails and re-read them.  ~ This Joke's On the Complainers  ~ You've Heard to Train Smarter Not Harder Right?! ~ Here's the 'Real Secret' of Sparring... It's NOT What You Think! After you refresh your memory, then come back and read the rest of this email. Last email I'm Going to Share... This will be the final email I'll share that I got from our community. It's NOT due to lack of correspondence. Oh no! I just figured we'd move on to other things after this. So far I've shared an experience from a cop, a traditional martial artist and now, from a MMA coach.  We'll call him "M". That sounds rather James Bond-ish, I think he'd like that! =) Anyway M is a very talented martial artist.

Those Cats Were Kung Fu Fighting!

                          Master Yen Hoa Lee (in black) practicing Praying Mantis kung fu.  Early 60's?! Not sure . Last week, I told you I was going to share some of the correspondence that folks in our community were sending in. Well, here's another one from a longtime friend and martial arts brother of mine, Rick Powell.  I've known Rick for over 30 years. (Hard to believe it's been that long!) He and I met at Master Yen Hoa Lee's Praying Mantis / Tai Chi Class many many years ago. Great system! Both Master Lee and Rick are world class martial artists and all around wonderful human beings! They practice, teach and Live the Life of a PeaceWalker. Protectors for sure!  Both Master Lee and Rick had a profound affect on me, my training and teaching over the years. That system doesn't typically spar, but they have intense two person drills and forms that they partake in to deepen their skills.  I like hearing the different perspectives from all of our members dive

This Officer Got LAUNCHED!

  Another day...  Another training opportunity! extra sweaty one this morning! Apparently, I wrote yet another blog that struck a nerve with you and others in our PeaceWalker Community.  I've been receiving thoughtful correspondence, stories, training perspectives and more from you folks! I have to admit, I think it's really cool how divers of a crew we have! So far I've heard from some of out... ~ Marines ~ Firearm Instructors ~ Private Security Personnel ~ MMA Coaches ~ Traditional Kung Fu Teachers ~ Cops ~ Tae Kwon Do Instructors ~ New Krav Maga Students ~ Not so new Krav practitioners Some really cool perspectives and stories. Just shows some of the awesomeness that is you and the others who are a part of this tribe of protectors we call PeaceWalkers! Various backgrounds, different experiences, unique differences... Same Path! Here's one of the stories I think you'll enjoy (and can learn from!)... This Officer Got LAUNCHED!! I worked part-time for about 8