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Who's In Your Corner?!

  Iron Mike Tyson still rocking it in his 54! I don't know if you got the chance to see Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr.'s exhibition match a couple weeks back? I didn't watch it. Boxing is fine and all and I've seen numerous matches on TV as well as in person, but much like pretty much any other sport, I never really enjoyed watching any of it. A little here and there is alright, but for whatever reason I never got into being a viewer, let alone fan. I'll be honest, I have mixed feelings on the exhibition fight. Part of me wants to give those guys credit for getting 'in there' again at fifty something. That's awesome! Make some money. Relive your youth. Work what you got. Fifty is the new thirty! The 'other' part of me is like... Grow up. Move on.  But, first off. It's a free(ish) country. Do what you want. If you want to challenge yourself in that way for whatever reason, go for it! I get it... I like mixing it up too. Any of us  'old dogs&

A Protector's Season

  If You Know Me... You know that my favorite holiday is Halloween... Next is Thanksgiving... Then Christmas... Then Independence Day. To me Thanksgiving is punctuated by Christmas of course. They are like fraternal twins. Similar in spirit (speaking in a non-religious way), one of thankfulness, goodwill and love, but also different.  I come from a small, less-drama ridden family, so really both holiday's have been quite warm and cozy for me. They have brought a lifetime of good family memories. Now you might think because of my affinity for Halloween that my favorite movie would be Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas, Edward Scissor Hands, or Gremlins this time of year. Well... they are alright, but certainly not my favorite. I do like me a little Holiday Cheer this time of year!  Here are my top 10 favorite Christmas movies: 1) A Charlie Brown Christmas 2) The Grinch Who Stole Christmas 3) A Christmas Story 4) Elf 5) It's a Wonderful Life 6) Star Wars Holiday Special 

A Little Bit of Me Died Too...

My rock'n roll days. Probably taken in 90' or 92' I'm on your left w/the sunglasses. Mike is center stage singing I just got back from a funeral of an old friend of mine Mike. We're pictured above from a gig we were playing at back in 90' or 92'... Yes, yes, I had hair at one point! =)  I've played in bands since before I was even a teenager. Drums first, then guitar.  In 1988 a couple of guys that I trained martial arts with, Jim & Steve Seppela had a band called Borrowed Time. One of their guitarists left and they had an opening.  When Jim found out that I had been playing guitar in a few bands, he asked if I wanted to try out? I agreed to meet him at his house the following week.  I can still remember how nervous I was when I showed up at his house. I knew Steve, Jim's brother, who was on the drums... but I didn't know the other guy. Mike was a few years older than I and looked a lot like Tom Petty.  Boy could he play! AND sing too!   I wa

Where Do You Stand?!

  The Really Scary Stuff The state of everything right now is one of tension. Covid, the election, the economy and social issues threaten further indecision and fighting amongst our leaders. Our current state of affairs provides a stressful, uneasy environment for all of us.  So yes, there is still plenty of 'scary' stuff out there that folks are concerned about.  HOWEVER... This is also a great time for those of us who are on this path as protectors... As PeaceWalkers to double down on clarifying where WE Stand with things and why.  Now this isn't something that you need to post up on facebook or twitter... You don't need to take a selfie for your instagram account, a bumper sticker or a sign out in your front yard. It's simply something that you live everyday. Something that quiet assurance inside of you that you are clear on who you are and what you believe in.  It's not something you need to try to convince anyone else of, or judge anyone by... It's simp

The Hand of Thanksgiving?! WTH!?

Well, here we are... Thanksgiving Eve! First, I want to Thank You for sharing some of this journey together. No matter if we just correspond here on-line, we've only first met or we've been walking this path together for some time... Thanks! I hope I've added something to your Life.  The support of you and our entire community both here locally at the Krav academy and you on-line PeaceWalker folks has me grateful beyond words. In times where I feel the darkness of uncertainty creep in; you're support has helped anchor and inspire me to Keep Going. And that's powerful in a time when there is a lot of division rather than solidarity.  Remember, you can be the person who changes this. Being the guy or gal that others look to in the thick of it all can be difficult.  It can be challenging to rally at times. But know that you are held by many hands that can't always be seen.  They cheer you on in good times and holding you up in bad.  Sometimes it's obvious who t