Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Conflict the Tool of Opportunity

It takes a lot more effort and (initial) risk to try to work out differences and come up with a most good / least harm scenario.

Yes, there is risk during conflict, but if you play your cards right, the damage can be minimized. In certain scenarios, things can sometimes come out even better than they would have without the incident occurring in the first place. Or at least make the most of a crappy situation... 

Sucks or Sucks Worse!

But only if you can see Conflict as an Opportunity.

You've been there... Sh*t's going wrong. Things get stressful. People are upset, but the issue still needs to be handled. It's easy to just cut and run so to speak... And sometimes that's the appropriate thing to do. However, sometimes you can gain even more by sticking it out and working through the details to develop a new plan. Something that benefits everyone or is MOST good / LEAST harm for all (as best as you can expect) depending on the situation.

Now that takes...

Mad Skillz...

What kind of skills?

Well, that depends.

If you are talking things through, good negotiation skills are necessary.

If you are in the middle of a potential physical assault, then it is going to depend on what the situation is...

You may have to ESCAPE or possibly 'Stun & Run'... You know, hit them 'where it hurts', then get the hell out of there.

...Or, you might need to INCAPACITATE them. Put them down hard so you know they can't hurt anyone again.

In some situations you may need to RESTRAIN & CONTROL the person, so they can be dealt with.

Regardless of what needs to happen, you'll have the most amount of opportunity if you have the right toolbox. So, being well rounded, clear, and focused on the right things is imperative to working out the right solution.

Your defensive tactics skills should include:

  • Ethics
  • Mindset
  • Emotional Baseline
  • Verbal persuasion skills
  • Physical tactics
  • A spectrum of ways to physically engage, ranging from 'escape to eliminate.'


More Tools = More Options

However, that's not all...

You'll need something else. TWO things actually...


Remember, everyone is protecting something... Make sure it's the right thing. Are you are clear!  

Another Missing Ingredient is often...

(Wait for it...)


Yes, it takes guts to look to the bigger solution and use your skill to do the right thing and not succumb to being overly focused on yourself and/or react out of fear.

Excessive force doesn't only happen in the physical realm. It can happen in verbally, emotionally, socially. 

The Solution...

Have the right training that will help you to develop (and sustain) the proper tools for dealing with real world conflicts and violence as a whole. Becoming a PeaceWalker is done by developing a Protectors Lifestyle.

Surround yourself with people who are on the same page regarding building that Lifestyle. Develop the right beliefs, mindset and habits, so that under stress you are ready because you've trained and build the framework for it! 

Remember, real conflict doesn't typically look like an Action Movie! Real world violence come in all flavors, shapes and sizes... It is often ugly, messy and multifaceted (Ethical, emotional, verbal, social, physical, situational, legal, etc.)... Prepare for it!

Keep going,

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Friday, January 11, 2019

New Years Revolutionists

Krav Ma-WOW Indeed!

Last week was OFF THE HOOK at our local Krav MagaAcademy!!

The pic above was from class... That's not a seminar mind you... it's a CLASS!

Holy Cow! The New Year typically brings an uptick of students, but I have to say that I wasn't expecting THAT!

Now I'm sure that things will simmer down a bit, but WOW!

So, Why All the Interest?

Is it all of the New Year Resolutionists?

Possibly... It's pretty common to see an upswing in my programs after the first of the year, but I think there's more to it...

Yes, many are interested in feeling SAFE, but I think theirs more to it than that yet...

From what I see is that people from all walks of life are looking to bring more CONFIDENCE, POWER & CLARITY into their lives...


Feel connected to Something Larger than themselves...

Many folks are looking for something MORE! More success, More fulfillment, More Life!

Protecting yourself is great... But believe it or not, it's NOT just about you. It's also about how you protect and contribute to the lives of others... Beginning w/those who you know & care about, then stretching outwardly to others...

And I'll risk being a little corny... Changing the Entire World!

Developing a Protector's Lifestyle will extend into every area of your life! Not just helping you to be more safe, but also enhancing every area of your life! Your relationships, your career, your personal life, your public life, your professional life...


It all starts with YOU and how you're training yourself to become what you want to be! Training yourself to be the Best You that You Can Be! And when you are acting that way more consistently that feeling will spread to others organically.


One reason is because you know what to do when things go South, so you don't have to put on a false front to compensate... You are developing Real Confidence through Clarity, Training & Experience!

...That makes ALL the Difference!

And... I am privileged to be a part of that Journey!

Thanks for being part of the PeaceWalker Community, I think you'll find the resource, connection and inspiration you've been looking for to 'Level Up' so to speak!

Stay tuned for some pretty Incredible Things coming in 2019 that will change your life... maybe even save it!

You got this,

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Friday, December 28, 2018

5 Quick Tips To Health & Diet During the Holidays

It can be difficult getting everything done this time of year...

It can be even MORE difficult to keep your training and diet in check amidst all of your social events and hustle bustle of the holiday season...

It is VERY EASY to get derailed in more than one way!

As a matter of fact, I'm feeling a bit derailed myself lately!

Healthy Holiday Checklist:

Here's a quick "Healthy Holiday Checklist" of doable things to keep you from getting totally derailed w/your training and diet during the holiday season...

Maybe make those New Years Resolutions a little closer to reach?! =)

Anyway, here are the Fab 5 Healthy Holiday Suggestions:

1) Move early. Start your day off on a good note with 20-30 minutes of some exercise. Even a short run or walk is perfect. You’ll feel better mentally and physically. And don’t put off until later because if you’re like me, it won’t happen. Maybe it’s time to work in that 5-10-15-20 workout routine I go over on!
2) Don’t skip meals to try to “save your calories” for a big meal or an upcoming party. Don’t try to starve yourself because the more you slow down and eat throughout the day, the more you can slow down and enjoy your dinner and not overeat.
3) Drink water. Start your day with 12 ounces of warm lemon water rather than coffee or nothing at all.
4) Eat to feel nourished, not to feel stuffed. The food will always be there, so you don’t have to eat it as if it’s never going to be there again. Eat, live, and think every day of the holiday season as if you are already at your goal weight. This is NOT a time to restrict or diet. REPEAT: This is not a time to curb your eating.

5) Eat more veggies & lean protein. It's easy to 'over carb' this time of the year, so try to fill yourself up w/more veggies and (lean) proteins when you're at that holiday buffet line!

See you next year! 


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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

The Fog of War

Burn Baby Burn!

A lot of my time has been spent putting out fires that not only needed to be addressed...

As it turns out these fires have been the catalyst for some clarity and big growth for 2019 and beyond!

So, all I can say is Burn Baby Burn! Although I may be a little crispy right now... Like the Phoenix I will be Reborn!! 

The Fog of War...

The holiday season can feel a lot like a war...

The hustle & bustle with home life, work, kids, spouses, presents, parties, in-laws, friends, money, travel...

The expectations of the holidays can be pretty overwhelming. It can be difficult to stay on track and actually ENJOY the season with your loved ones!

So, take a breath, slow down & prioritize!

Strip away those things that aren't necessary. Some of those things that you do you're doing because of some unhealthy sense of obligation.

It's time to re-prioritize what is really important.

Your kids... IMPORTANT!
Your significant other... IMPORTANT!
Your close friends & family who you really care about... IMPORTANT!
Toxic people (family or others)... NOT Important!
Incessantly Reading & Posting on Social Media... NOT Important!
Spending your entire 2019 earnings on gifts... NOT Important!
Reaching out to people to share genuine good will... IMPORTANT!
Enjoying the holiday season for what it was really meant for... IMPORTANT!

Protecting Your Loved Ones...

Protecting yourself and your loved ones is important year round, so in this season that was meant for joy and good will towards others...

Don't forget the third line of Robert Humphrey's Warrior Creed:

"When you return home everyone's GLAD YOU'RE THERE."

Your mission for this holiday season is that you create an experience with your family, friends, co-workers, partners, employees, students, community, clients...

Basically Everyone who you come in contact with. Let them know that you got their back and you're going to see past their short comings and into their humanity... Into their heart. 

You're there to protect THAT!

Tis the Season!

It's not enough to know what you are protecting...

Remember WHY you are a protector in the first place!


Stay warm out there!

Keep going,

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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

It's NOT a Game for Us!

When It's Not a Game...

If you want your training to be sustainable for the long haul of your Life...

It's difficult finding balance between smart, serious, yet lighthearted training.

Serious enough to get the job done; lighthearted enough not wreck your body, brain or heart.  You want it to be enjoyable enough so that you'll want to do it on a regular basis. So it's part of your routine... Part of your LIFE!

When you are training to prepare yourself for the situations you're likely to run into today... your approach has to be well rounded, so you can deal with everything from verbal disputes to physical violence.

Kind of Like Church? What?!

Yeah... Many people go to church 1x per week, but wouldn't say that church is a "HOBBY' right?

Well the same w/Protector training!

You may only go to your Krav Maga training a few times per week, but it's not a hobby... Not a game...

Yes, you go to broaden and deepen your knowledge...

But the main reason to go is to make sure you are "Dialed In", connected and calibrated as a protector so you can go out and tackle the world!

Keep your fire stoked & burning bright!

So, we can't afford to 'play' around and get hurt or become distracted by our ego's in training. We have bigger things to do!


Providing for and protecting our families, working our job, living Life and Changing the World!

Your training is bigger than...

Getting a workout or learning to punch and kick...

Yes, that's the fun part, but it's so much bigger than that!

Often Overlooked...

One of the areas that often gets overlooked is how much INFLUENCE plays into protecting yourself and others.

The ability to overcome a situation takes some work...

But if you have the right tools it can play huge in your strategy in keeping yourself and others safe!

Learning what to say and how to say it...

Where to stand and how to move...

Understanding and applying how verbal communications and physical action come together in a real encounter is an essential skill to have in your arsenal.

It is a skill set that is often taken for granted if it is even looked into at all!


Because most people are used to talking in casual conversation, but most don't know how to be effective during conflict and don't know what the structure of Tactical Communication is...

The art of Conflict Communication is something that most people just don't possess!

It can make or break you in a situation!

Being a good communicator can be the difference between working things out or finding yourself in a physical altercation!

It can also help you get a job, land that new client, ask for a raise, deal w/you kid when they don't want to come home on time... Or talk your way though a situation with your spouse!

Keep Going,

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Resistance Training

What comes to mind when most people think of "Resistance Training?"

Well, most, think of weight training.

Weight training is one way we use resistance to tear down our muscles so that when they heal they develop into bigger stronger muscles!

In Krav Maga we train ourselves for a different type of resistance. This resistance is more dynamic involving physical, mental, emotional and social 
elements that are 'torn down' to be built on, developed and strengthened.

The same goes for our training in dealing with other forms of resistance. Like verbal conflict.

Learning how to deal with all of these forms of resistance is important for living a Protectors Life.


It's not just in that you "Learn" about it. It's also that you Condition yourself for it!

You can "learn" about swimming, but you'll have to actually swim in order to get better at it!

You can "learn" about working out, but you actually have to work out to get and stay in shape.

The same holds true about being a protector...

You can read a bunch of blogs about it. Watch a million youtube videos on it. Listen to all the podcasts in the world, but without training for it, you won't develop the same level of skill as you will actually applying your training.

Life Will Provide An Opportunity

Don't worry...

When it comes to THIS type of resistance...

If you don't seek out the training, it will seek you out...

It's called Life!

So, in order to be really good at protecting yourself (and others) you have to be well rounded.

The Resistance Training I'm talking here is called LIFE! That training will come in handy... Sometimes when you least expect or want it!

But, Keep Going & you'll make it through!

All the best,

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Cryptic vs. Clarity

When it comes to training to protect, less cryptic and more clarity is not only a plus it's essential! That's why I like Krav Maga & the PeaceWalker Approach to Conflict.

Now I know some of you who train w/me are saying...

"Sometimes you're cryptic as f*ck Craig."

...and you would be right! But that's because when it comes to APPLICATION of those basic principles things get real!

...And SIMPLE doesn't mean EASY!


It depends on what course/class you come to and what questions you ask. If you take one of our Basic Defensive Tactics or PeaceWalker Conflict Management Courses it is a 1-2-3 approach.

The basic fundamentals are not that cryptic they are elegant! It's in their application where things get a bit confusing for the novice. The concepts can be so simple that people think they are easy and believe they 'got it'. Then when they try applying that Basic Principle and fail. After that people typically want the next thing to solve their problem. They believe the next technique will prove to be the solution (and sometimes it will), however what they rarely realize is that it is usually in their application where the problem typically resides. Most of the time it is because people can't do the basic principles well.

You have to learn the basic... 

How it works. How it doesn't. 
When it works. When it doesn't. 
When to use it. When not to. 
When to modify it or transition into another principle. 
When to try harder. When to abandon it all together. 
When to know that even attempting to apply it would be useless or not appropriate for the circumstance.

E=mc2 (squared) is a simple equation that holds the keys to understanding many complex things. 

If you want to apply simple principles to complex situations (Real Life) it's going to take some practice! You have to learn what the basic principles are and how to apply to a variety of dynamic situations under stress.

Here are some examples of basic principles:

Conflict Management:

Learning to set clear and reasonable boundaries.
Developing options when those boundaries are not respected.

Defensive Tactics:

3 C's of Empty Hand Defense vs. Someone Using a Weapon  -

CLEAR your body from the threat of attack.
CONTROL the weapon from further attack.
CONQUER the threat.

Tactical Leadership:

ATTITUDE: Baseline - Boundaries - Set the Pace
AWARENESS - You - Subject - Environment
ACTION - Right Thing at the Right Time for the Right Reason

Now take those principles, turn them into strategies, tactics and techniques and begin applying them in real time to human situations...

That's where it starts getting complicated, chaotic and cryptic!

Want a Good Cake?!

Award winning cakes are made with the same simple ingredients as the ones that don't taste good!

It boils down to the quality of the ingredients, the recipe and the chef!

If You Want Better Answers...
...Ask better questions!

... and Keep Going!

All the best,

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