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The Summer, the Wolf and the Wolf Pack

A beautiful night on the oceanfront in Tel Aviv, Isreal, 2010. Hey gang! It has been a while since I've written. It's been a busy summer: Teaching seminars and running regular Krav Maga classes at Westside Fitness; collaboration with, developing and teaching new workshops with Jack Hoban and RGI; radio interview on WMOM 107.2 FM's morning show; our usual work with Frontlines of Freedom radio show; completed upcoming article in Alpena Fifty-Two Magazine; innovated new LIFE Leadership & LIFE Skills program with Relationship Violence Prevention Expert Anne Parpas; promoting and presenting various programs to numerous organizations nationally; coordinating upcoming Krav Maga program and Her Survival Guide seminar at East Hills Athletic Club & Rockford Community Education; and looking forward to starting back up school at the end of the month (History of Michigan & Early Western European History 400 B.C.E. through 1400). ~ I'm ready for the ramp up this fall, it