Creating Your Aha Moment

Lately, I have been putting A LOT of time and effort into a membership site coaching program called Tribe.  
Because YOU deserve the Best from ME, so I continue to learn how to make things better for you, because I not only want to share this incredible PeaceWalker Path with the world, I want to make the entire experience as best as I can for you!  So, I keep training, learning and growing to be able to do that!

I've been pushing hard to learn what my coach Stu Mclearn and Ryan Lee have been teaching me and then IT HAPPENED!!

Yesterday I had a HUGE Aha Moment!!!

All that time and effort (and I mean years of it!) finally makes sense! It is something that has been right in front of my face the whole time. I've seen it over and over, but I didn't really SEE it... and then...


I mean really CLICK!! NOW It All Makes Sense!  It is soooo simple, but I just wasn't getting it! I had it kinda, but I didn't HAVE IT!

I’m not saying that I'm done now that I had my Aha! Moment. No no no no. This is just the beginning! Now I can move forward w/so much more clarity, focus, and momentum. It really maximizes my efforts and results!

Your Aha! Moment

Have YOU ever had an Aha! Moment?

Something that you may have seen a million times before, but for some reason, this time it looks different...

And then a light goes ON!


Yes, That's IT!

This Aha!  Moment could be in anything of your life:

Training in Krav Maga, working out something that's been bothering you personally, Parenting, fixing your furnace, choosing a college, working on some problem or puzzle, going through a rough spot in a relationship, figuring your budget... figuring out your LIFE!

Basically, that Aha! Moment can be for anything that you have been wading through in life!

So here's the BIG QUESTION...

How Can You Stimulate the Aha! Moment?

Yes you can, but it is more like farming than hunting...

Here are the key elements:

1) Seek the knowledge or insight.
2) Apply what you've learned.
3) Ask Questions to gain clarity.
4) DOWN TIME! Yep, time that you don't think about it.These times typically come after a big push!
5) Surround yourself with people who are already successful at what you are trying to achieve.
6) Keep it Playful and Keep It Going!!! Have faith that it will come =)

That's All I Got For Now!


If you want to learn How to Protect Yourself Physically, Emotionally & Verbally  and control the 'Tactical Space' of conflict then don't miss your chance to join us on our PeaceWalker Community facebook group:

I hope to see you there!

You got this,


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