Evolve Your Breathing Book & Video Review


Here and now...breathe and relax...in battle and in life”
~ Dan Millman

Without breath there is no life. If you do not breathe well it is difficult to function well. Your capacity to breath effectively will enhance every aspect of your being. Everything from sports training, martial arts and yoga to personal development, meditation, spiritual pursuits, emotional control, tactical shooting and defense revolves around proper breathing.  It will change your game no matter what you are pursuing.  

There are many resources out there regarding proper breathing some are good, others not so much. In today's day and age we have information overload. We are assaulted with so much contradictory information about what to do, it can get very confusing. So how do we navigate through the murky waters of all of this info?

I'm glad you asked...

Let's talk about Jon Haas’s new e-book and video titled Evolve Your Breathing: Essential Techniques For Optimal Performance. Evolve Your Breathing is a fantastic resource for learning a simple systematic approach to breathing that will not only increase your performance, it can change your life.

I am no stranger to breathing techniques. Over the years I have trained the gamut;  ranging from Chinese Chi Kung exercises, to the sports arena, combat sports, weight training, running, swimming, meditation, martial arts, shooting, tactical maneuvering, working through high stress situations and injuries (whether physical or emotional). Now, I’m not saying that I’ve seen everything, but this boy’s been around the block a few times (and then some).  That said, I highly recommend Jon’s new book and video.

Jon’s book covers a variety of exercises including Compressed breathing – Energizing Breath – Endurance and Restoring Breathing – Breathing to Relax and a very useful Rapid Fire Breathing technique that as Jon says, "is to be used when things get difficult and painful.” He goes into detail of what to do, how to do it and why. And if that wasn’t enough, there is a video that goes over all of the training methods, so you can see how it is done.

Both the book and video are easy to follow and understand, no mystical mumbo jumbo here, just straight forward useful information minus the fluff. Jon’s material gets down to business and is immediately accessible to the reader. The techniques are understandable and can be immediately utilized.

Here are the two things I like most about Jon Haas's Evolve Your Breathing training material:

1)      It’s short, concise and gets to the point!
2)      The techniques WORK!

 But don’t just take my word for it, order your own copy and find out for yourself. You won't be sorry!



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