The Benefit Statement: WIIFM


What's In It For Me?!

When you are trying to persuade someone into going along with your suggestion, giving them a reason why that they should do as you ask is paramount. It is even MORE effective when you do this to make sure that you frame how you communicate that reason in a way that tells them, "What's In It For Them."

Without even knowing it most people frame their reasons in a way that is self serving rather than communicating the benefit to the person they are trying to persuade. Good ole' what's in it for me, or WIIFM.

So what might that sound like?

The reason I asked you to... is...

"So that you can..."

"So that you don't have to..."

Here's a little example: Let's say you asked someone not to talk on his cell phone at your restaurant because it may disturb the other guests. If he disregards your request and still insists on using his phone after you respectfully ask him if there is an emergency and if not if he could please hang up, give him a reason why you are asking him to do so. Now keep in mind that he may not care that his call is bothering the other guests, so framing the reason in the following manner may not be as effective as it could be:

"Sir the reason that I am asking you to not use your cell phone is so that our other guests won't be bothered."

Try this to be more persuasive:

"Sir we ask ALL of our guests to refrain from using their cell phones so that YOU can relax and have a better dining experience. You came here to have a nice experience tonight didn't you sir?"

So the trick is that when you give the person your REASON, start shifting your perception and communication style to articulate the reason of your request wrapped in WIIFM. Remember, if they have something to gain or lose, you have something to use! What's the benefit statement for them?

This takes some work, but the more you practice this, the easier it gets!

For more strategies and tactics like this check out my PeaceWalker Course.

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