Marvel Avengers: The Protector in ALL of Us


I just got back from watching the new Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie. It made me think: I don't believe it's a coincidence that so many people like seeing movies like this. We look up to and want to emulate hero's from all walks of life. This is especially evident in our media. Who doesn't want to be the hero? (...And have some friends that kick ass too!? Give me more of that please! I can always use an extra serving of ass kicking protectors as long as they are protecting the right things!)

I find it interesting that these movies; be it Avengers, X-Men, 007, etc. are not just saving one or two people, oh no, that would be a bit too easy. Usually, they are saving All of Humanity from Total Annihilation! Stressing the All of Humanity part, not just one single group, but everyone. Interesting.

We are all protectors, so of course we are naturally drawn to stories like this. I know I am! Always have been, ever since I was a kid, and nothing's really changed about that part of me. And judging from the hundreds of millions of dollars that film makers make on every movie like this one, I'd say that I'm not the only one who feels this way! 

In my experience most people want to make a difference in the world and that difference typically involves respecting and protecting life. 

Police officers don't usually start their career to enforce laws. They wanted to protect and serve their communities. To stop people who would endanger others.

Most teachers didn't really sign up for their jobs to get summers off (even though having summer's off would be sweet!). No, they pursued their path to change young peoples lives and ultimately the world!

Most in the military join to protect not only their country, but other people from all over the world who need help protecting themselves!

Most doctors, nurses, therapists, PA's etc. go into their profession because they have a inclination to nurture, heal and protect people.  

There is a hero, warrior, Protector in ALL of us, it just gets lost sometimes. We watch movies like The Avengers to remind us who we are. To inspire us to work toward what we can become. To prepare us for our own battles however large or small. 

Never forget YOU are a Protector!

Just make sure you're protecting the right thing!

All of this talk of heroes reminds me of Robert Humphrey's Warrior Creed:

Where ever I go Everyone is safer because I am there.

Where ever I am Someone in need has a friend.

When ever I return home people are glad that I am there.

It's a better life!

Keep going,


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