The Dark Side of Being a Protector!

Today is off to a great start! Rolled out of bed just before 8am... Clicked on my fireplace (thanks again Chad!)... Checked financial stuff (paypal, stripe, credit union)...Paid some bills (That always feels good!). Followed up on some recent proposals for a few corporate conflict management programs.

Reflected on last nights Krav Class and smiled to myself at how well everyone is doing on this testing ramp up! (Only 3 more weeks until your BIG DAY!!)

Listening to a little Greta Van Fleet (Kick'n new band from Frankenmuth, MI - Sound a lot like Zeppelin... Talented young guys) as I write this to you and  get ready to teach a (mini) Assault Prevention Workshop at West MI Academy of Environmental Science. (Thanks Again Rob for bringing me out!).

I'm looking forward to the chance to work with 20 or so young folks today. We get to talk about what it means to be a protector and why this PeaceWalker Lifestyle is so powerful.

But also that there is also...

The Dark Side of Being a Protector...

Now as I write that statement I realize how many rabbit holes I can go down with that statement... Making this email loooooooong!

I will spare you though.

Although there are many things we could talk about regarding the Dark Side of Protectors.

Such as...

Protecting the wrong things, like:

~ Too much Ego.
~ Limiting Relative Values.
~ Unhealthy addictions.
~ Power (in a negative way).
~ The seeds Anger, Fear & Hate that lives in us all.
~ Attitudes and beliefs that no longer serve us or only serve US, at the expense of others.
~ I could continue, but won't...

The bottom line is that sometimes we Focus on the Wrong Things!

This is especially true during conflict.

What kind of conflict you ask!?!

Good question...

The answer is ALL types of conflict.

We tend to focus on the wrong things when we have a conflict inside of ourselves or with other people.

It takes a lot of clarity, effort and often training to focus on the right things under the stress of conflict.

Like learning how to shoot effectively, most people have to be trained what to focus on during conflict.

PeaceWalker or Victim?

People with a Victim Mentality tend to focus on the very things that will perpetuate them to continue to be victims. Where as the PeaceWalker will see the same situation in a totally different way...

First off PeaceWalkers see...

Conflict as an Opportunity

Not to overly simplify things, but things are always happening, some of those things we see as good, other things we see as less than desirable.

We don't always have control over what happens to us, but we can choose how we RESPOND to it.

Holocaust Survivor Viktor Frankl said,

"To choose one's own attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one's own way..."

These are words to Live by! 

Do what you can do to change what is happening and if you can't, always remember to do your best,  then you have to let go (or at least loosen up), learn from it and on...

Or you can continue to bi^@#, complain and be miserable.

Your choice!

This attitude plays out over and over when trying to manage conflict (or just live your Life!).

PeaceWalker Focus vs. Victim Focus

Victim Focuses on:

(1) The Problem
(2) What They Can't Do
(3) Blame

PeaceWalker Focuses On:

(1) Solutions
(2) What They CAN DO
(3) What's the Next Step

Want More Detail?!

I would go into greater detail now, but I have to get going to teach that (mini) Workshop I was telling you about.

Maybe I expand on those concepts later this week (tomorrow!?)


That concept is fleshed out in WAY more detail and 'weaponized' in the PeaceWalker Conflict Communication Program!

That Entire Program is Available NOW on!

Members you have access already!

If you're not a member yet and want (almost) Instant Access to that entire course and a LOT More! You can get FREE Access to Try It Out for 7 Days!

Just Click HERE!

*What do I mean by 'weaponized'? Well, I teach you how to really use the concepts to Manage Conflict More Effectively when you are face to face with a situation. Boots on the ground so to speak!

You got this,



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