Connection Builds Success

Wow! This week's gotten away from me!

Just like you... There's a lot going on!

Cool stuff, but it's rapid fire... sometimes its difficult staying on top of it all and it gets easy to feel overwhelmed.

...then I tell myself...

Pleeease... I got this #&%!  =)

When hasn't it worked out?!?

I mean REALLY not worked out?!


It ALWAYS works out in the end!

So stop worrying!

How Do You Stay Motivated?

Those who know me know that I'm a pretty 'solo' kind of guy.

A Ronin...

However, I do appreciate connecting.

As a matter of fact sometimes being connected helps keep me motivated...

One of the reasons that I developed  is not only educate, but to develop a community to keep us connected! (For me and you!)

That's one of the reasons that I started Ronin Martial Arts Academy over 25 years ago!

Yes I like my solidarity, but I like connection too.

Connection to other people provides:

~ Community
~ Learning
~ Motivation
~ Protection
~ Support
~ Security
~ A Challenge
~ Enjoyment (hopefully)
~ Stability
~ Growth
~ Commendatory
~ Comfort
~ An Outlet for You to Contribute
~ Service

Sharing adversity with others can help to Keep Going and have a better experience.

A group setting will often motivate us to do WAY more than we would on our own. Because sometimes we need our @$$ Kicked a little! =)

Yes, I know it's easier to connect on-line (& do that too),


I'm talking about meeting with people, you know LIVE real!!

I KNOW!? Right!?!

How Do YOU Stay Connected?

Even if you're like me and value 'Your Space,' how do YOU stay Connected in your Personal, Professional and Public Life?

Yes, it's easier to connect on-line (do that too)...

...but also...

Go out and find like minded people (and some not so like minded too!), to share your journey with to benefit, share with and learn from!

Do it in different aspects of your life:

~ Work
~ A Hobby or Two
~ Something Bigger Than Yourself (Church, Temple, a Charity, etc)
~ Personal Development
~ Working Out

...and don't forget to stay connected with those who you love...

Your family and friends are worth investing in for both of you!


If you want to connect with me and the others in your PeaceWalker Community, don't forget our Private Facebook Group. 

If you haven't joined it yet here's the link:

Or better yet, come to one of our LIVE IN PERSON Workshops or Seminars!! I'd love to meet you and chat in PERSON too!

Keep Going, You Got This!



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