How to Turn Anger Into Acton

Anger, Action & Israel?!

A couple days ago we were talking about Anger. I promised you we'd talk about how to take that anger, focus it the right way and turn it into action. I also asked what Israel had to do with all of that!?
Well, we've already determined that when you're Angry, sh*t gets done!  So, let's build on that shall we?! =)

Turning Anger Into Action...

In order to start using your anger... First STOP resisting it!


Are you crazy Craig!?  If I do that I'll kill everything that MOVES some days!

Wait a minute... Listen to me first...

Stop resisting the feeling of your angry emotion.

Just because you FEEL something, it doesn't mean you have to act on it! Simply notice how you are feeling without judging it or acting on it... Just be aware of it! Then breath (from your belly) and decide if you need to act on it or not.

Sometimes it is alright (even good) to act on it...

Other times...

It'd be best to let the anger move through you and dissipate w/o any action on your part other than realizing that you're pissed.

How to Recognize the FEELING of Anger?

Although we all feel anger a bit differently, there are some distinct sensations we typically feel in our body...

1) A surge of energy raising from your stomach Upward!
2) It's typically warm or hot.
3) It may cause your face to turn pink or red.
4) An increase of heartbeat, blood pressure and temperature.

It often feels like a wave washing up over you!

How to Control It & Use It

(1) You have to be able to FEEL it!
(2) Let it flow...w/o letting it control you!
      I. When you feel it just recognize it, relax and BREATHE!
(3) Decide if you're going to (a) use it, or (b) let it go.
(4) Adjust your perspective to:
        (I) Empowered Focus: Think Solutions, What You Can Do, Next Step.
        (II) You're going to start to demonize or dehumanize the other
              person/group/subject, so get ready for it!   
       (III) You're going to over exaggerate your own wants & needs, get ready for
               this too! It's easy to become self centered &overreact, even it out!
       (IV) Focus on Most Good /Least Harm for everyone... 

How Do You Train This Skill?

Simple not easy!!

(1) Start small... Yep, work on feeling and guiding your anger at a lower level. (lower levels of anger are: Frustration, Irritation, Annoyance, Impatience, Irritability, Grumpy, Cranky, etc.)
(2) Meditate - No it's not some weird religion or anything... Just pick a time once per day, sit your butt down (or stand) and for between 5 to 20 minutes just focus your attention on your breath. Breathe in and out and count your breaths (groups of 3 - 5 or 10). Don't think of anything... except counting your breath.
(3) Work on your Foundational Grounding... Basically how your living your life, treating yourself and others.

Tactical Grounding

Here's another quick tactic when you feel Anger creeping up on you...

(1) Take a deep breath or two & Align your spine (straighten up).
(2) Positive mental dialog.(Monitor what that voice in your head says to you)
(3) Put on your "game face". (Look the part when you are interacting w/someone)

So, What Does Israel Have to Do With It?!

Israel has a society that is more inclined for being a Protector's culture. Meaning they are more accustom as a society for taking action and working through their fear to protect not only themselves, but one another.

We are not... So it takes more to work through our social norms that are taught and constantly reinforced...

This is why I teach and have all of the resources available for you!

I'd like to see this Underground Movement go Mainstream!

In order to do this We Need Each Other!

It is very difficult to be peaceful in a violent society. Just like it is difficult to be violent in a society of PeaceWalkers!

Live for Most Good / Least Harm in everything that you do!

Work to have the skills to back it up!



Keep Going!

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