How Joe Rogan Saved My Workout!

Let it snow... Let it snow... Let it snow...

Tell you what, today's workout was ROUGH! 

Not in a "I really kicked it and got a good workout in" way:  It was more a, "I lacked motivation to get my butt moving," kind of thing.

Here we are a mere 4 days from the New Year and I found myself outta gas so and in the wrong head space.

Maybe it's because I've been restricting my calories, or...

Possibly it was due to all of the extra prep it took to get out in this winter storm... You know what I'm talking about: Shoveling the walk way and patio, brushing off and warming up the car and running through a foot of snow.

Regardless, I wasn't in the mood to work out. I was in more of a mood to cozy up and drink a coffee by the fire, reading a book.

But I knew, even though that was an option, it wasn't one that I could indulge in without 'serious' consequences later. =)

So, what did I do?!

Something I typically do and something I RARELY do...

Here's the typically do thing:

I took small baby steps to move me forward and Keep Going. Admittedly it wasn't pretty, but it worked. 

And here's the RARELY:

Enter Joe Rogan...

I don't know about you, but one of the podcasts I like to listen to on a fairly regular basis is Joe Rogan. 

I like his show. I think he's a pretty sharp guy, he does his research, asks good questions, has a good demeanor and he brings on interesting guests. 

One of the things I really like about him isn't that he's a good martial artist and comedian (although admittedly that doesn't hurt), it's how he's his own person, He doesn't take any sh*t from folks media or otherwise... 

But that's not all....

Here's the really BIG thing in my book...

He isn't a douche bag about it. Meaning, although he doesn't take other peoples crap, (matter of fact, he calls folks out on both sides of the 'isle' so to speak), unlike SO many other media icons (pop culture, political, journalist, corporate or otherwise...),  he doesn't talk down to, attack or bully people who don't hold his same views.

Now that's not to say he is perfect, because he isn't... but, if the person is being  reasonable in the conversation and not acting like a lunatic, Joe will listen to what they have to say... 

He will often ask thought provoking questions and respectfully challenge them at times...

Here's another very profound thing I like about Joe...

He open enough to sometimes even change his point of view on his perspective on things.

In my opinion, he is a master communicator and entertainer.

Some good traits we all could learn from. 


I was so destitute for inspiration and motivation regarding my workout I did what I RARELY ever do...

I put my earbud in (not both mind you, just one) and listened to Joe's latest, very controversial interview with Dr. Robert Malone while I was running outside.

Yes, yes, I know it's quite the mortal sin and against everything I teach about being situationally aware, but in this case I considered it a self declared state of emergency.

I'll be honest, the last time I ran with any kind of headset on was over two decades ago. 

Overall, I never do when I'm running out doors. It's simply not a good policy. You become to distracted and open for muggings, and even more likely, getting hit by a car, because you can't hear and aren't paying as much attention to your surroundings. 

Sometimes you gotta break the rules... and today was definitely one of those days....

I played the odds and won this time around! =D

So, I thank Mr. Rogan for saving my morning workout and joining me on the decadence. 

Keep Going, 

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