The Missing Ingredient


There are so many overlooked aspects when it comes to really protecting yourself!

Most people concentrate on the "fun stuff." You know the physical stuff, the stuff that goes BOOM, the strikes, chokes, rough and tumble things. 

Not only do people tend to train the things they like (shooters like to shoot, martial artists like to do their flavor of martial arts). Most don't work too hard at even being well rounded when it comes to defensive tactics.

For instance: Most altercations are avoidable and almost all have a verbal communication element to it, yet these things are rarely ever covered beyond a quick mention.  

Not as many people look past their 'hobby' to things like:

~Verbal Communication Skills
~Medical First Responder Training
~Legal aspects
~Mental Health and Emotional Aspects (before, during & after)
~Spiritual Aspects
~Health and Diet
~Interpersonal Relation Skills 

We tend to stick with what we like and neglect the rest. I get it. I can be somewhat guilty of this as well. 

It takes some work to be well rounded enough to deal with the full spectrum of human conflict that we're likely to run up against in today's world. 

Be honest, how well rounded is your training!?

Inside / Out

When it comes to training to protect yourself (and others)  I don't believe there can be any effective Self Defense Training without Personal Development Training!

Yes of course when we learn new things we are technically developing personally as well, but that's not exactly what I'm talking about. 

You can be a very skilled thug!

The bottom line is this...

Hurt People, Hurt People

Say that again.

Hurt People, Hurt People in small and not so small ways. 

So, if you really want to learn how to protect yourself and those around you, you'll have to work on some serious Personal Development, because we are all hurt to a lessor or greater degree. And that affects how we deal with people, stress and situations. 

The more you train to be PeaceWalkers the more you'll realize that self defense is mostly an "Inside Job" so to speak.

For some, (probably like you and I) it begins with learning how to defend yourself, but that's really only the beginning! 

Look into some of the other training I mentioned here and consider a personal development course that focuses on self defense, conflict resolution, leadership and personal development. 

I recommend that you look into my FREE HOME STUDY COURSE Click the link below to get it! 

Let me know if you have any questions on it!

Keep going,


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