One Chip at a Time


Another beautiful day here in Grand Rapids, Michigan! Couldn't ask for better weather!

An exciting day... But before I get into that, I wanted to share an epiphany that I had yesterday. 

I just got finished working out and was eating my subway and bag of lays bbq potato chips...

If you remember, I've losing weight these past few months and one of the things that's helped me to do this is being more mindful of my eating. 

You may be thinking "No sh*t Sherlock!" of course you have... But why are you eating potato chips?! Aren't they on the ;'no no' list?!

The answer is... Not if you don't over do it! 

If you keep things in check, you can eat about anything, but in moderation.

I've had to consciously slow down when I eat... Enjoy the process more, chew my food and appreciate the taste, rather than just shoveling it in! =D

So, yesterday I was enjoying my 6" ham sub along with a small bag of Lays BBQ potato chips and had to remind myself to eat them 'one chip at a time'. 

Enjoying each individual chip rather than a handful of them at a time. 

The bag lasted longer as did my enjoyment of that yummy bbq flavor!

Now admiditly the one chip at a time is not as indulgent as just digging in a handful at a time.... However, it was a good compromise to both enjoy some deliciously naughty food AND stick to my diet.

It Got Me to Think'n....

You know life is a lot like those chips...

We often 'shovel things in' until the 'bag' is empty, only to feel like crap or feel unsatisfied and just want more.  

Slow down and enjoy each moment 'One Chip at a Time' so to speak. 

Savor each interaction... Training session or technique. 

Savor each moment you have with your significant other, kid, mom, dad, or friend. 

Savor your lunch break. 

Savor your nights and weekend. 

Be mindful and intentional with every moment.  

Use the time you have wisely. 

Who knows how many moments you have left...  I hope a lot of them... But we never know...

So do your best to enjoy every one of them that you have! 

more... More... MORE!!

Attention spans are getting shorter and shorter...

Our level of consumption is exhausting. 

We're always hungry, never satisfied. 

Dial it back...

Slow things down...

Learn to appreciate the simple things.

We were just talking about this at the local Krav academy last night. 

Appreciating the basics... and understanding how they lead you to the seemingly fancier, more sophisticated moves. 

Just like life, learn to appreciate the little things... 

Because the little things ARE the big things! 

Speaking of More...

Get on the path by learning how to be a tough target, a survivor, Protector & PeaceWalker! 

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Keep Going,


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