Controlling the Playing Field pt.2 - Elements of the Game

Events rarely happen randomly, there are typically recognizable patterns and dynamics that set up and follow the event through. This is what we call “the game.” Although combat and survival is not a game, we have found it to be very successful to break down the elements of what typically happens using terminology that is less threatening, thus easier to talk about, recognize and define. “The Game” is a metaphoric term used to describe any situation that may present a challenge in life. If you can learn to recognize the patterns and how everything comes together you will have a better chance at making more empowered decisions. Being able to recognize, assess and deal with these dynamics will dramatically increase the odds of survival and success in whatever challenge you may face.

Elements of The Game

The PlayersCharacteristics of Predators and Prey.
The ObjectiveWhat the Predators want.
The BoardThe environment needed for Predators to get what they want (primary & secondary locations)
The Rules of ConductBehavior profiles of both Predator & Prey. How both parts are played.
The Rules of EngagementHow predators and prey interact & play their roles together.
The Playing FieldHow all of these elements come together & how to stack the odds in your favor.

If you can control the playing field you can better control your chances of success in anything you have to tackle in life!

Like I said before, think like the general, not the soldier!

Keep going!


P.S. I'm heading out to train at the Bujinkan Buyu Camp this weekend! I'm looking forward to training with Jack Hoban and everyone again. I am honored once again to be asked by Jack to teach a session! I look forward to sharing also.


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