Zen and the Art of Krav Maga

We recently made the front cover of Rapid Growth Media. A nice article that you can read here:


The article has created a little ripple of a buzz inspiring some others to do a little writing of their own. Here is a nice write up by John Kowalski's Babacita blog shout! Thanks for the good words John!

Here are John's words:

An excellent article on Krav Maga and local Grand Rapids, MI instructor Craig Gray. I’ve had the honor and privilege of knowing Craig as a friend and also training with him for a few years. He is the utmost professional and extremely skilled in teaching this important, life-changing mentality and skill set.

Some excerpts from the article:

“Our global society has changed the way we do warfare. It’s not ‘us versus them’ anymore. You don’t always know who the enemy is,” explains Gray. “Krav continues to change to embrace new threats.”

No matter the situation, Gray believes “going physical should be a last resort.”

“The idea of the way we teach is protection of self and others. If we can train to do with less force, it’s less damaging for us,” says Gray. “Frankly, I’m protecting the bad guy.”

This offers more than just physical protection; it prevents psychological fallout. According to Gray, except for the four percent of people who are sociopaths, all humans must justify their actions. Violence requires us to “separate” and dehumanize — an immediately effective, yet ultimately volatile workaround that can eventually lead to post traumatic stress.

“If you don’t do anything that means that someone else is resolving the situation for you,” Gray cautions. “The situation will be resolved either for you or by you.”

By John Kowalski - Babacita


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