Celebration Day: Reflections of 2012

Hello all, it's been a hot minute since we've just chatted. This past year we've discussed numerous subjects ranging from my travels throughout the US and Israel, leadership and personal development ideas, meditations on being an ethical protector, thoughts about some of the darker side of humanity regarding protecting self and others from various forms of violence and finally path notes of mental chatter as we wind down this rambling road called life together. That said, I am sitting here reflecting on this past year, as well as some years prior and of course, the year to come, as I watch Led Zeppelin's Celebration Day, the latest cd/dvd pack from their 2007 London performance. If you are a Zep fan (or want to be) I would recommend that you pick it up!

Ahhhh 2012... Don't get me wrong, it wasn't without its challenges (some bigger than others) but overall, I have no complaints. I am surrounded by people who inspire me; I am following my bliss and seeing more and more success doing it; I have my health (aside from my usual aches, pains and injuries); I have amazing family, friends and colleagues; I'm not (financially) rich, but I'm not living in a cardboard box (yet) and although sometimes times are a little tight I have to remind myself that I still live better than about 95% of the worlds population and I am able to do some pretty amazing things, so I never let myself lose sight of how fortunate I really am! Much of that fortune is because of you... Yes, that's right, I did say YOU! Most likely you my dear reader have contributed to my success in some small or not so small way, so thank YOU! I can't express how much I appreciate all of you. But I can say this: I don't know exactly how 2013 will unfold, but I am excited about the possibilities and opportunities that it brings with it. Judging from my calendar, I am off to a fantastic start. My January is booked solid; February is pretty busy with events, including being key note speaker for this years West Michigan Counseling Association's Winter Conference and a 3 day workshop I am doing with Israeli Krav International Head Instructor Moshe Katz (Click here for details). As for the rest of my year? Can you say: Resolution Group International - Israeli Krav International - Budo Taijutsu - The Conquerors - Babacita - Ronin Krav Maga - The PeaceWalker Project - Ronin Empowerment Group - and many others! I won't spoil the rest of the surprise for you, but, it is already filling with numerous trips, workshops, video shoots, book openings, seminars, presentations, proposals, teaching, learning, donating, contributing, growing, exploring & creating!

So enough about me, tell me what do you have to be thankful for? What does next year have in store for you!? What kind of year will you create? I hope some of you write in and tell me what's going on in your lives.

As you start strolling down 2013's path, remember the four (4) principles of the PeaceWalker:

1) See Conflict as an Opportunity.
2) Embrace the Universal Life Value - That ALL Life is to be Protected and Respected.
3) Work Toward Most Good / Least Harm for Everyone.
4) Share Through Inspiration.

If you follow that recipe you're bound to have a more fulfilling year!

I look forward to sharing our journey next year. So let's all...

Keep Going!

All the best,


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