"People are not so much looking for the meaning of life as much as they are seeking the experience of feeling alive." 

~Joseph Campbell

I sit here on the edge of life grasping at a profound feeling that is bubbling up in the outer reaches of my consciousnesses. I reach through the ethereal searching to communicate some meaning; some heart felt wisdom to share, but the fingers of my mind once again fail to grasp the intangible nature of an experience that alludes my ability to articulate it...

I often run across people who are searching for something: Meaning, Fulfillment, Safety, Peace, Adventure, Answers of all sorts... Words are often a poor medium of communication during these conversations. Sharing experiences from my path is only that; experience that I am having on my journey. All of our journeys are different and uniquely our own. We all enter the forest alone where no foot has trodden.

So THAT said, lets talk about this idea of Re-Imagining. Recently I had coffee with a dynamic guy by the name of Gabor George Burt.

In 2011 Gabor wrote an innovative book called Slingshot . In his book Gabor discusses how the creativity that we had as a child is often tragically lost to us as we become adults. So he teaches people how to "Re-Imagine our lives and careers." He gives simple steps to re-activate that creativity and then helps us to apply that creativity to our lives.

I especially liked Gabor's approach because he not only talked about his ideas; he also gives people a methodology for the shift and the ability to apply those new concepts to their lives AND have fun doing it! What could be better than that?! This approach was in alignment with my PeaceWalker Leadership Model of Respect, Protect & Empower (more on that in another blog post).

The Five Aspects of Gabor's Slingshot process are:

Slingshot Framework
Gabor's approach helps organizations to find out why they need to infatuate their target audience and to provide them continuous lifestyle enrichment; how to become market-driving and to shape their (business) offering for broadest relevance; and how to channel their reclaimed creativity into smart strategy. Launching people to new business and personal heights and have fun doing it.

Now, I don't want to steal Gabor's thunder so to speak, so you'll have to read his book to find out for yourself, but needless to say Gabor is a very busy guy helping people and organizations from all over the world Re-Imagine their business and lives. 

Before I go on, let me first share how Gabor and I became acquainted:

I was fortunate enough to meet Gabor, because of his interest in Krav Maga. I remember talking to him on the phone. He had many questions for me. He explained that due to his crazy busy travel schedule coming to regular on-going classes wasn't really possible for him, so he wondered if seminars or private training would be beneficial. I gave him my opinion and some options for him regarding training, emphasizing attending some seminars that might fit his schedule better than standard classes. I was somewhat surprised to see him come to one of my workshops... and then another... and another... Gabor also quickly connected with some others who train with us, who he felt connected with.

On our first meeting Gabor told me what he did and was gracious enough to give me a copy of his book (and signed it for me too!). I was very intrigued. Later I read his book and liked the ideas that he shared. His perspective resonated with me. He spoke of adversity being an opportunity as well as re-imaging the present to shape your future. Which paralleled what I would say regarding using Conflict as an Opportunity and the Decisions You Make Today Will Change the Life You Live Tomorrow.

Well, my approach must have resonated with him as well, because not only does he continue to come back to train, but also he and I are discussing the possibility of collaborating; maybe doing a project or two together. Bringing together our two worlds of empowerment could be very powerful. I am excited about the possibility of it. Not to mention I love working with people who are in their zone so to speak, meaning that they are doing what they love and making a difference inspiring others!

So stay tuned regarding this collaboration (and others!)... In the meantime if you are looking to "Re-Imagine" your life, business or career, pick up Gabor's book: Slingshot!

All the best,


  1. Exciting stuff, Craig! You are changing the world, one heart at a time:)


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