Thanksgiving Focus


Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is my second most favorite holiday, after Halloween of course. Things that I am thankful for are too numerous to list here on this blog, however my main categories are:


*Not necessarily in that order.

What are you are grateful for in your life?

The holiday season is full of many things both good and less desired. If we choose to focus on the negative  we will surely find ourselves being drawn away from those things that matter most this time of year: Spending time enjoying the holidays with our loved ones, connecting with things bigger than ourselves, giving, appreciating (oh, is that why it's called Thanksgiving!? =). 

So it is really a matter of focus:

Focus on what you are grateful for and you will probably have a much better time over the holidays and throughout the year.

Focus too much on what upsets you and/or what you don't have and you will probably be miserable or at the very least not enjoy those things that you do have and all of the wonderful things that are apart of your life.

It's your choice!

The only real way to dispel darkness is to turn on a light. It isn't about fighting the darkness.

Light will dispel the darkness without the effort of a conflict between the two. Light just does what it does. It's natural. The brighter the light the more the darkness recedes from it. The trick is how can you help the light shine brighter?

Letting your light shine inspires others to do so as well!

Begin by focusing on what you are grateful for and be here now (present). The more you can focus on the good stuff, the more you can inspire your own life and the lives of those around you. It's a habit just like fighting can be. Remember you have a choice, it's up to you!

Today I choose to be grateful for the Life I have and everyone and everything in it. The good, the bad and the ugly! It has all contributed to me in ways that are so profound words fail me in full understanding and expression.

Have a great holiday!

All the best,


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