Tokyo Old & New

 Tokyo, Japan - Sensoji Temple & the Sky Tree (the largest tower in the world).

I had a great time stomping around Tokyo. A friend of mine said that Japan is a land of contradictions and after only being here a few days I can see the truth of that statement. As you can see from the picture above, and new seem to blend and clash, ebb and flow into a tsunami of cultural shifts for this rather homogenous country.

I find this to be the cleanest, safest feeling, most polite country that I have traveled to yet. I was however surprised how it lacks diversity in its population. Everyone is... well, Japanese. I really didn't think about it, but I guess I was expecting more ethic variation, but I haven't seen any, even in their super city, Tokyo.

Although it seems as if only indigenous Japanese live and possibly for the most part even visit (other areas) here, you do see a lot of commercial globalization abound. They are very attune to Western fashion and consumerism, yet seem to have their own spin on everything. It's a hybrid society that is very modern in some ways, yet in others, steeped deeply in their cultural traditions. Very interesting place that I have enjoyed immensely and would recommend to travel to if you ever have a chance to go!

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