There & Back - Japan

You knew it was coming! =)

I'm sitting here at Rowsters Coffee in a Jet Lag haze, trying to re-adjust my body to being back in the U.S.while I reflect on my trip to Japan.

Great trip: Meeting new people, training, experiencing different interesting things, eating, walking, spending time with friends, getting away for a little while. A lot to process. Things that I will be unraveling for a time to come.

Here are some visual glimpses of the trip:

Arriving at your destination is always a good start! =)

Taking the train, both confusing yet convenient... and entertaining!

Saw this cat on the way to the Bujinkan Hombu.

                                              Bujinkan Hombu w/Jack

Nagato Sensei      -     Hatsumi Sensei & Jack singing    -   Naguchi Sensei

Running with the Tengu on Mt. Takao

Good friends, a bowl of Soba, a bottle of Kirin and a view of Mt. Fuji...Great day!



     Another Shrine on my last day in Japan.

We packed a lot into a week. Much more than these pics show. Many cool experiences, conversations and epiphanies. Japan's a great place to visit. I'm already looking forward to my next trip there.

I'm sure a lot of insights from the trip are yet to surface in the future, but until then I'll just Keep Going!

All the best,


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