The Bounty of Leadership

Leadership can be challenging. Whether you are in charge of a corporation, a department, a club, your family or simply yourself, it's tough!

To even have a snowballs chance of being successful you'll need Clarity, Awareness, Boundaries, Communication and of course Appropriate Action. Being clear enough to keep everyone on track can be a lot like herding cats some days, but the rewards are worth the efforts. Having the skills enough to do so is not for the timid or faint of heart, it can take you out of your comfort zone and cause you to question yourself. Are you the one being the douchbag? Are you being too gung ho by being overly structured? Are your expectations in perspective? Or are you gun shy, loose and wishy washy, which can create bigger problems by introducing too much chaos or letting things slide too much?

So What's the secret rocket sauce? How can you accomplish the balance of giving enough space for freedom, expression and individuality, yet being connected in the right way growing in the right direction as a whole? As you can guess it's more Art than Science. A lot of factors go into it. Having some folks you respect as mentors to bounce things off of helps a lot as well.

Strive to be a leader not just a manager. It's not always easy. People won't always agree with you. Sometimes you'll doubt yourself, especially when you are out of your comfort zone when tested. Remember to Respect, Protect and Empower.

Stay clear, work toward most good least harm and Keep Going!

All the best,
- Craig


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