Allies vs. Enemies


It's a simple concept. Treat someone like crap and there is a good chance that they won't appreciate it and in turn, not think or act so kindly toward you when given the chance. I find it interesting how after some people gain some level of notoriety, popularity or influence no matter how significant, it's easy to develop a superiority complex. They may begin to think of themselves as elite. Not long after that, they start to treat others who aren't in their click or status differently, disrespectfully. Treating other people poorly for whatever reason is a recipe for more conflict with them as well as within ourselves.

We've all seen it back in our school days: The cool kids treating the other kids who weren't as popular crappy. You may see the cool kids laughing behind the backs of kids who weren't in the popular group or people being made fun of openly.We do this as adults too. It could be at work, in our family, extracurricular activities and/or in our socioeconomic stratified groups. This is toxic to everyone.

I must admit, there is nothing that pushes my buttons as much as someone I think is being a bully, disrespectful or belittling toward others. I have to check myself sometimes, because if I feel I am being treated this way or I see someone else on the receiving end of this, I can get a bit riled up, so I have to make sure I'm not making something more than what it is or over reacting to what I think I'm seeing or experiencing.

Who likes being treated like crap? No one. Treating someone as if they are worthless or expendable is not a good way to deal with conflict or build camaraderie in a group. Being exclusive rather than inclusive is not a good way to develop goodwill. Yes, if you have enough influence you may find a group of people who will kiss your ass. There are plenty of them. If that is what you're looking for, enjoy yourself, have fun. However there will only be a few that are loyal for  the right reasons, so don't get so full of yourself that you become blinded by your own ego. Further, don't take people's loyalty and attention for granted, it may backfire on you. Be respectful, humble and kind when it comes to others or you may lose the very thing you were trying to build or benefit from. Even in the midst of success you will probably find yourself alone.

Something for all of us to consider: Be mindful of how we treat others as well as who we choose to surround ourselves with.

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