Mojo Rising


Mojo Risin' - for most it's a passage from the 1971 Door's song, L.A. Woman, but to me and my friends it was also a legendary motorcycle spot that was talked about in whispers by our older brethren when we were kids. You could see the sand, hills and trails of this dirt biking Valhalla from US131 before urban sprawl enveloped it more than 20 years ago. Surfers had their illusive ultimate wave that  they spent their life chasing. Skateboarders of old had the perfect pool. Ski and snowboard aficionado's have their perfect slope or powder. Jerry, Mark, and I had what we knew as "Mojos." The perfect dirt bike riding spot. A place where the days lasted forever, your ride was epic, legends were made, everything was... well... perfect. 

The reality of this "perfect" spot was a far cry from all the hype. However, many kept the illusion of this perfect place vivid in their minds. As if this would be the be all, end all of  their happiness and answer all of their woes. 

It's funny that we still hang on to our Mojos. Places, situations, or people that will make everything better in our lives. Something that will solve all of our problems. It can be easy to think that it'll all come together if we only had that job, or that relationship, or that house, or kids, or those bills paid off, or that boat, cottage, vacation, degree, promotion, winning lottery ticket, etc. etc. etc. 

The thought of something "over there" that will bring us our ultimate happiness is a fantasy many of us hold on to. It's this same fantasy that can distract us from feeling content and happy with what we do have right here, right now.

As we continue walking down our path, we often turn over stones looking for contentment, happiness and fulfillment. It's like that mirage on the next hill, it remains just in front of you. Just over that next hill. No matter how fast you approach it or how hard you try, it's always just out of reach. If you keep coming up empty, look inside of yourself. Look to the things that you are grateful for in your life. Look to something bigger than yourself, something that is already in and around you. That perfect place isn't "out there," it's in here! Mojos is in each of us, you don't have to go anywhere for it. Every place is Mojos. Every wave is that perfect wave, if you have the right perspective. 

When I see a young child excited by the smallest things in life like playing for hours with a simple rubber ball, or finding enjoyment in the tiny forgotten joys that are soon lost, like a quick splash in a mud puddle or riding their bike for the first time, I see that they found their "Mojos." All of our Mojos are right in front of us if we just have the right perspective to see it.

What is your Mojos? What Shangri La are you coveting? What is clouding your vision from being fulfilled in this moment?

Keep going,


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