You could look at an anchor in a number of ways such as a heavy object attached to a rope or chain and used to moor a vessel to the sea bottom. An anchor can also be meant figuratively in a negative way like, "they're holding you down like an anchor." The reference can also be said in a positive way; such as, "that really anchors me."

The reference I would like to discuss is meant in a positive way. Things that anchor us, giving us stability, safety and comfort.  The holiday rituals that some of us have developed can act as an anchor (obviously they can have the opposite effect as well!). Doing the same things over and over can bring a sense of structure and comfort. Sometimes we may not even realize the calming effect some of these things bring into our lives until they are no longer there. These "things" include people (and other companions), places, events, routines, songs, etc.

I realize how lucky I have been to have had many positive anchors in my life. My family, wonderful friends, rock solid mentors, steadfast traditions, routines and even pets that have all helped me gain a stable foundation in which to grow and gain balance when weathering storms.

This idea of an anchor can encompass other things in life as well. For me, training in the basics of  martial arts anchors me. The class structure gives support and a platform for flexible creativity. The same basic movements done over and over again for decades, ingrains an equilibrium that makes it easier to wander and adapt those principles.

Sometimes during life chains break, ropes fray, and anchors are lost. It could be from death, stormy seas, drifting apart or ships that grew to large to be anchored in the same way. Whatever it is don't lose hope of the power of having an anchor. Repair that chain, tie that rope, make room on your ship for a new anchor to help ground and stabilize you when you need it. Anchors allow you safety during rough seas as well as the ability to dive off your boat to go exploring!

What are your anchors in life? Who anchors you? Who do you anchor? Don't forget, just like you have anchors, you ARE someone's anchor too.

Sail on and anchors away!



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