Drinking From a Firehose

I was out in New Jersey training with Jack Hoban this weekend. It takes some time to traverse the 1600 mile round trip, so I get to catch up on my emails, phone calls and reading. On this trip I was able to make it through two books: Nicole Zaagman's Bee Badass and Brilliant and Russell Brunson's DotCom Secrets. A good way to make use of down time on planes, trains, layovers and such.

Brunson's book was about marketing on the web and was full (and I mean FULL) of so many good marketing strategies that by the end my head was spinning how to use them in my own business. He must have been reading my mind because in his conclusion he wrote:

Being overwhelmed is actually a good thing because even though you feel like all that information is a big, jumbled MESS upstairs, your brain is subconsciously making the connections. Right now, without you consciously doing anything, it's figuring out how to use all of the knowledge you just took in. All this is happening, even though you might feel overwhelmed. 

Funny I thought, that is exactly what Masaaki Hatsumi (Jack's teacher) said to everyone the last time I was training with him out in Japan! That's what Jack often says to us and it's what I say to folks who train with me. Sometimes the seeds being planted need time to grow. Just because you can't see them growing beneath the soil doesn't mean they're not reaching up to break the soil toward the sky!

I suppose it could be a bunch of BS just to console us from being confused and frustrated or worse yet, to separate us from our hard earned money. But in both of these cases, I don't think so. However, you have to KEEP GOING in order to reap the true rewards! Otherwise, it will just end up being at best entertaining and probably just a bunch of confusing mumbo jumbo that was expensive to obtain, easily forgotten and of no use.

Yet another lesson that translates into life on deeper levels, if you have the right perspective... or not. =)

Anyway, Happy Holiday folks!

Keep going,


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