School Lockdown... Up Close & Personal

Walker Police arriving on scene at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science in Walker, MI
 It's one thing when you see something frightening and upsetting on your computer, it's another game altogether when it happens to you or someone close to you.

Once again, I was planning on giving this subject of Active Shooters a rest, but then at 3:40pm yesterday...

Then I got a text from one of the teachers who trains with me...

There's a LOCKDOWN at Our School...

...but don't worry, everyone is okay.


I read it a couple times to make sure I read it right.

I hadn't heard about the news, so I immediately got my phone out to look.

Sure enough, there was an mlive article that explained what was going on:

I was relieved to hear that Rob and everyone at the West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science were safe and that it was an empty threat, but holy sh*t!! Really?!?

A mix of emotions came over ranging from shock, relief, anger and concern.

I know Rob pretty well, he's been training with me for 7 years or so,  he's a friend as well as on of our assistant instructors at our martial arts academy.

As a matter of fact, he did some MasterClasses for our PeaceWalker Teacher Module on

Here are Rob's well stated words about the situation:

School went on lock-down today after an email threat was made to our office. Students and staff showed strong colors and Walker Police made a swift, strong, and professional response.

Thank you all students, staff, families, and police officers for stepping-up when we needed it. WMAES - let's learn from this experience.

Let's train with greater clarity and sense of purpose, let's keep each other safe and secure, and let's reach-out to those who need help to make sure they know they are not alone.

Let's remember that days like this are terrible - but also that things could be much worse and that we should not live in fear.

Proud of my kids, colleagues, and Walker's professional protectors today. Well done - you could not have handled it any better!

To whoever made the threat to our school: Please realize that you could have used your influence today to protect and inspire people. Instead, you chose to try to scare them.

Each of us has a tremendous ability to affect others...

The energy you used to intimidate others today could have made a much bigger impact protecting and empowering them.

You can make a positive difference and keep others safe from the wolves of the world. Do not risk your humanity by becoming one.

To be honest, I'm disappointed and furious about what you chose to do today, but please understand that I do not believe your life is worth any less today than it was yesterday. Your life is worth just as much as my life and the lives of all my kids, friends, and family members...

However, your actions will have consequences and you will not like the outcome when they are dealt with one way or another...

This is advice, not a threat.

Step up and lead.

Life isn't easy for any of us - choose to lead by example; to be the bigger person and make life a little better for somebody else - not worse.

Final Thoughts...

I could go on about Rob's training or the importance for folks to be prepared, but I won't... You already know my feelings on that. Not to mention it would be hard to top what Rob had to say in the paragraphs above...

So, I will end with this:

I'm glad that Rob and everyone at West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science is alright and that it was an empty threat.

I also hope that the kid who made the threat is found (it sounds like the police are 'hot on his trail') and gets the help (and punishment) they need to get healthy and focus their energy in a positive way... before they (and others) have to face the consequences of their actions...

Finally, I am thankful that Rob was there to Protect and provide clarity and strength to his students and everyone around him in the time of need.

Glad to know you Rob... Love you like a brother!

Keep going,


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