Should We Need School Security?

Rather than arming teachers, should we consider having increased security at our schools?

Should there be well trained and capable armed security guards and perimeter security complete with fences and gates allowing vehicles in and out as well as brief security 'interviews' and metal detectors at the doors that allow people in (students, staff and visitors)?

Who else takes these types of measures?

(1) This is what Israel does to help prevent terrorist threats from entering their schools and public areas. (they've been at this longer than us and it works for them.)

(2) This is what WE do to better secure facilities against potential violence of this nature. (Government buildings, many event venues, banks, etc...)

However when it comes to our schools, we are caught in a "It shouldn't be this way..." mentality.

...and I get it!

You're right... It SHOULDN'T be this way...

...but it is...

So this "it shouldn't be this way" mentality quickly turns into a cutting your nose off despite your face perspective and has caused an either / or mentality of dealing with it.

There are other ways of looking at things. One is a 'both / and' perspective.

What do I mean as a 'both / and' perspective?

Well, here you go...

Absolutely, make changes in society to (hopefully) change the environment in which we live (which will not be accomplished by changing 'just' one thing...), WHILE doing what we must to be safe during the current circumstance. Rather than wishing the situation was different and clinging to emotionally based solutions, that may or may not help (This occurs at both ends of the gun debate spectrum... More guns making things safer or Less guns making things safer.).

Notice that both 'solutions' put the focus on one element as if that is the only factor in being safe on either end of the debate.

I don't believe that the complete 'solution' on either side of the debate is solely dependent on firearms

As for consulting schools:

I do some work with schools and am working on some more resources for them.

One of the issues when dealing with them is that this is such an emotional hot topic that even conversations can be difficult with them. This replaces the former hot topic with schools: Zero Tolerance policies and kids (fist) fighting...

Things have escalated now to lethal threats... I don't think it's a coincidence that things have gone this way regarding suicides and active assailant situation. The kids are imploding or exploding in response to the current culture they are in.

I don't claim to be a psychologist, sociologist or the like, but I believe that there are many factors that have contributed to what is happening.

Here are some key areas:

Confusion, Frustration & Anger - People are confused about who they are and the real power they have, so they can become frustrated and angry.
Entitlement - People think they are owed something and that things 'should be' a certain way. If they aren't they get angry and want someone or thing to blame.
The Need for Social Acceptance - Acceptance is good, but it has limits. Social acceptance with out having confidence in yourself, beyond what others think, loses balance and can quickly become unhealthy and destructive.
Lack of Resilency
-It's OK to be challenged, even offended... if given the chance we can take it overcome it... Remember, 'that which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.'
Dis-Empowerment - People are taught to not be self sufficient in some key ways. Rather, they are taught that they will and should be taken care of.
Many are 'punished' if they do things against the establishment (aka Zero tolerance policies). As a matter of fact in some cases the offense for not obeying the policy of the establishment is equal to or greater than inital offense itself. Victims and perpetrators are dealt with equally... Crazy! Further, if the establishment is not able to hold up its end of the bargain (in this case) of protecting, we get caught in an mental / emotional catch 22. We want to do what is expected of us, following directions and doing what we were told to do to be part of our society, but we also want to feel safe and as if we have freewill too... But when we are told to not to do something because we are not able to do so adequately and that it will be taken care of for us fine (sort of...), but it's not... Some people get caught in the middle of that confusion and short circuit, causing them to either implode (kill themselves) or explode (kill others).. At lower levels people become unhealthy in many ways ranging from the subtle to the profound.
Being forced into acting against our human nature - We are Mind Body Spirit beings. Suppressing our natural inclinations regarding aggression, sex, connection, etc. can't be forced out of us. We can't simply keep our 'positive' attributes and 'throw away' or disallow our dark nature (which is there for reasons all their own as well). These things need to be directed in a positive manner, not eliminated (as if we could...). These (other) things don't just stop because someone tells you to stop feeling it or try to medicate it out of you. There is a backlash...
Victim Identity - People trying to gain power by being the 'bigger victim' (because its everyone eases fault).
Unclear Mentorship - Poor, confused and unclear leadership from peers to parents... Poor, unclear and confused leadership and stewardship all the way up the ladder including many administration and politicians.

I'm sure you and I could both of more factors... but these are some to get us started.

Anyway, those are some of my thoughts...

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