Secret to Handling a Bad Google Review

So, I'm up late working on when an email pops up from my Google Business Account.

Hmmmm... Someone just wrote a review and rated my martial arts academy...

I click on it and staring back at me is a ONE STAR RATING...


If you google our academy you'll see that we have stellar ratings all 5 stars, so you can imagine my reaction when I see this single star!

Instead of totally freaking out and writing a scathing reply, I take a second... Breathe... and think of how I'm going to handle this...

First, I thought to myself...

Do I remember someone having a negative experience? Did something happen that I wasn't aware of made light of?


Q: Do I recognize this person?

A: No.

So, I cross reference his name in my email, paypal and facebook files to see if I can find him...

Nothing. His name doesn't hit the radar at all.

Next, I look up this person on line (google & Facebook). I find him on facebook and see that he seems to be a real person who's into BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) from Oregon....


Is he a Troll or Hacker?!

Did he get hacked?


But why would he pick my place?

Natural Reaction vs.
Tactical Communications

When I located him on facebook I decided to send him a message.

Now, to be clear I wanted to give him a 'piece of my mind.'  I wanted to tell him to @#$&% off and tell him what a piece of #$@+^ he was being...

But I didn't!


I collected myself and said this:

Hi, I see that you recently rated my martial arts school on google. I'm sorry, but I don't remember speaking to you or meeting you at a seminar or class. I thought I'd touch base to see if I could see if there was a miscommunication, questions or if I could help to improve your experience in some way?

His Reply:

Hey, I've never met you. When I moved to Oregon, I went to several martial arts schools. And didn't have a good experience with Mr. Smith. Has gym ownership change?

(Another Message)

OMG, I'm so sorry, I got the wrong gym!

(He pasted a screen shot of the other school)

This is the place that I was trying to review.

I deleted my review of your school. Thank you for saying something. I am embarrassed but glad you messaged me.

I apologize and hope you have a great day - Sorry again for the confusion.
What Would Have Happened...

What would have happened if I would have just went off on him?

How do you think he would responded if I would have just started reading him the riot act?

Even if it was a mistake on his end, how likely would he think,

"You're right Mr. Mad Man I deserve being yelled at because I screwed and will immediately take down my bad review and apologize to you..."

Do you think that would have happened?

Not likely!

I probably would have....

Made an Enemy Not an Ally!

So, if there was ever a chance to hash things out or discover that it was a misunderstanding I would have quite possibly...


If I was explosive I could have part of the problem!

I may have taken someone who would be Open to my suggestion and turned them into someone who is now Closed to my influence or, even worse...

Help them make the decision to be Determined to 'get back' at me.

The way that I approach the situation can determine whether or not I...

Make an Ally Rather Than an Enemy!

If you want to increase your Influence over a situation don't be a part of the problem.


1) Maintain Your Baseline (not be part of the problem)
2) Stay focused on what you're protecting (don't turn it into a power struggle)
3) Determine what type of influence will be most effective. (In this case I was diplomatic yet direct in my written communication, allowing him to clarify, save face and (hopefully) make a decision to work w/me. )
4) Have a plan 'b' if they don't do as you ask.

An AWESOME Opportunity!!

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You got this,


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