Krav Maga: Practical vs. Tactical

In the Krav world the 'T' word is thrown out A LOT! (Sad, by yours truly too!). Yes, that word is "Tactical". Now to be clear, there is nothing wrong with the word tactical or with being tactical...


Don't underestimate the idea of being Practical! Now what do I mean about being Practical!? Well, let's compare the difference between a Formula 500 race car w/a mini van "grocery getter." Which one would you rather have?

(And that's when the fantasy starts...)

One is really really fast and sexy...

You can imagine how cool it would feel to drive it. Feel the power of the acceleration. The tight handling. The speed! Oh the speed!

Once everyone sees you driving that flashy fast card they'll know how good and successful you are! Women will want you and men will want to be you (or vica versa...whatever...).

You're sure that when you drive it, everyone will know how FAST and POWERFUL and SUCCESSFUL and GOOD You Really Are! And thus show you the PROPER RESPECT!

It seems logical...

You are the FASTEST Car around! A finely tuned racing machine. You can beat anyone in a race!


YES, that race car is only really, really fast, BUT ONLY under very particular conditions!


It breaks down a lot and needs a tremendous amount of service, special parts, expensive and hard to find high octane fuel, special tires, pretty much everything is custom, expensive, made for a very specific isolated use and incredibly dependent on things being 'just so.' And let's not even start talking about the road and weather conditions! Dry conditions and an impeccably constructed track for one specific reason. What about passengers?!


How about trunk or back seat space to put your groceries?


Pot holes!? Good luck! Rain?


Sleet, snow and ice!?

Not a chance!

Dirt roads?


Heat and air conditioning?

Not a chance...

Driving in the dark?


Gas mileage?


You get the idea right!?

Not to mention...

Who is the Race Car for?! How can that race car help someone else? Can it carry food or water? Can it transport someone in need to get help? Can it pull someone out of a ditch or jump start a stalled vehicle?  Heck, it won't get YOU around reliably or conveniently, let alone be any help for others!

Bottom line, unless you are racing, you don't need the Race Car! ou need something that is going to transport you, your passengers and stuff from here to there and there to hear effectively, efficiently and safely! You need something that when needed you can help others, even if only for a ride.

That's training your Krav Maga like a PeaceWalker!

Not training for sport... Not training for art... Not training for heritage... Not training for your ego...

...But training for Your LIFE!

If you want to train for being a protector, your training has to be well rounded and multi faceted! It has to change and grow as you do. No, it's not always as sexy as some of the others, but its practical. Does Practical Mean NOT TACTICAL?!

NO! Not at all. This is not an Either / Or scenario. If you're doing it right it is Both / And! We're like the picture of the 'sleeper' car at the top of this page! We're fast AND practical! And we know where to and NOT to race! We don't play by the rules! This is survival! Not sport!

Speaking of Protecting...

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