Lesson in Road Rage

So, just now I was headed to one of my favorite coffee houses / office after yoga (thx Benjhe) and some gal in a Honda accord cuts me off than proceeds (while in the lane to the right of me), turns left in front of me...

She didn't cut me off, we were at a stop light and had her blinker on... I saw that her signal was on so I let her go in front of me...

Being that I was feeling pretty chill (because I was coming out of yoga?! IDK...), I didn't think that much about it.

(Please, no sainthood here... there are other days when I'd be more than a little annoyed...) 

Anyway, I go down a couple blocks and pull up into a parking space...

I look and see that same car just parked right across the street from me.

The gal approaches me...

I adjust my IDF baseball cap and  prepare for a conflict...

Relieved, I see she is all smiles and apologizes for her erratic driving. What a nice surprise! That really made my day.

We were headed into the same coffee house, so I bought her a coffee.

We shared a moment and then went our separate ways.

Many Lessons Here...

A lot could've gone sideways here.

I could've climbed on my high horse and lit into her about her driving. She could've started yelling... WE could've made this little thing a Big THING!

However, neither of us did...

Does it always go this way?!

Of course not...

But I'm ready for it because I have a Protector's Identity and I live a Protector's Lifestyle.

It doesn't mean that I'm perfect, or don't have bad days... It means that my training and life reflects that of being a protector of everyone around me to the best of my ability.

It's NOT a technique... It's a practice...

And your Krav training has to reflect that as well!

As Imi Lichtenfeld said,

"We train so that we can walk in peace..."

So the next time you put on your Krav gear and start training, remember that!

As your training helps you to be safer, more vigilant, stronger... It should also help you to be more peaceful, more open, nicer, more humble and grateful.

Keep Going,

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