The Quick & the Dead

Some folks meander around w/o a care. Others are rushing around trying to get things done at a frantic pace.

Those folks who've been at it a while...

Those w/some experience know how to use things to their advantage. They are FAST w/o much effort. And when they do use effort, it's directed like a laser giving them the advantage w/minimal risk and maximum reward!

It reminds me of Krav and training how to be fast!

You don't just have to be a young hard charger to have fast techniques (but this formula will work for you too!).

Fast disarms. Fast strikes. Fast weapon draw. Be fast at dealing with a situation. Quick on your feet...

The problem is, most people don't really know HOW to train to be fast, I mean REALLY fast!

Often times people think they either are or aren't. Even the one's who consciously train to increase their speed typically only work on one... maybe two areas that actually make up speed.  Often missing some key elements that would accelerate their training ten fold!

I know the old saying,

"Slow is smooth & smooth is fast."

Great advice but WTF!?!

You can't just train slow any old way and expect for it to develop into fast...

You have to train in a certain way!

There are...

4 Components of Being 'Fast'

(1) FRAMING: Are you ready to roll? Framing is the 'set up'. Basically, how you are positioned tactically. Framing gives you the time needed to act or respond.

It doesn't matter if you are on the street or sparring, it's about having a good mindset, stance, distance and positioning. Is everything dialed in to roll if/when you have to GO?!

Don't neglect TRAINING this!! Don't overlook it, take it for granted or think that it just "happens." If you do you'll put yourself at a huge disadvantage and find yourself playing catch up or worse!

ALSO... Remember that this tactic is NOT just for the physical portions of defending yourself! If you "framed" mentally, emotionally, socially, financial etc." you will be better equipped to handle both the challenges and OPPORTUNITIES that life throws at you!

There have been many fortunes made by people who were "framed" correctly to take advantage of the right opportunity when it presented its self...

There also have been many lives destroyed by folks who weren't prepared!

(2) RECOGNITION: This step is two fold: Either knowing when to initiate, or when to respond. If you are making the 'first' action, you have to know when to GO! So, being able to recognize when the conditions are right to have the best chance of success.

If you are responding to something, like someone attacking you. You have to be able to recognize the red flags or PCI (Pre-Contact Indicators) of that attack or situation that is transpiring.

Stimulus / stimulus response.

HINT: If you don't see it coming and are caught by surprise... That's not good!

It's also called an ambush! =)

This is one reason FRAMING is also so important, because it gives you more time to recognize and respond!

(3) RESPONSE: Or action if you're initiating... This is doing whatever it is that you do. It could be a physical technique, a word, pulling the trigger, buying that property, firing that employee, taking that opportunity, accelerating off the line... whatever!

Whatever your action or response is, make sure you can do it as flawlessly as you can in training so, it's there for you when you need it.

If we're talking about Krav techniques, make sure you work out all of the hiccups. Keep training the physical action so that they become unconscious, smooth, efficient and effective.

How do you know when you need work on this? We ALWAYS need work on this! Basics, basics, basics! That's where all of the advanced stuff comes from!

If you're playing music it is notes, scales, cords, chord progressions, rhythm, etc.

If you're in Krav its your breathing, stances, movement, 360 defense, basic strikes, bridging, shrimping, breakfalls, etc.

Learn'em, perfect,em! Relaxed, fluid movement. Work out all of the kinks in all of your techniques and don't get rusty!

MORE?!  Break down each piece of your techniques to individual segments and work on only that movement. You can also do conditioning exercises that will support that segment.

EXAMPLE: If you are drawing your pistol, you might break it down to:

1) Getting your shirt/clothing out of the way so you can draw.
2) Indexing and getting the weapon in your hand in the proper position.
3) Taking your stance.
4) Breathing
5) Grip.
6) The draw its self.
7) From the draw to aiming (or point shooting).
8) Site picture
9) Trigger control. (How you squeeze the trigger)
10) Re-holstering your weapon.

I'm sure some of you shooters out there can add some more elements (feel free to list them on our facebook community!). This is just an example to give you the idea!

Now each of those elements can be isolated and practiced on their own to work out any deficiencies.

Constantly breaking things apart to work on the elements and then putting it back together to work on the entire sequence. Over and over and over.

(4) RECOVERY: After your action is complete, how do you set yourself up for the 'next shot' or back to the place of tactical advantage? 

One of the easiest examples of this is playing pool (which I suck at!). What is your 'leave?' Meaning; you use your cue ball to shoot your billiard ball in a pocket in such a way that, after that shot, the cue ball stops in a place that sets you up well for the NEXT SHOT!

If you are punching, are you doing it in such a way that you are covered when you are executing the strike, not exposing yourself when acting. And when your arm returns to your 'ready position' you are better equipped to defend or assert yourself again in some way.

The Next Time You Train...

Break down what you are working on into these 4 components (and then further yet!). Don't give up and working on it  and you'll see the results you are looking for.

And when you do...

Post your experiences on the PeaceWalker Facebook Page and let us know how you're doing!

Keep going,

Learn how to be a PeaceWalker -


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