Ferriss Reveals How to Make It Look Easy

I came across this good article by Tim Ferriss (Author of 4 Hour Work Week). He said that he changed his life by asking himself this 9 word question...

What was this transformative sentence?!

"What would it look like if it were easy?"

When I read that I immediately thought of another one of my favorite Ferris'

Ferris Bueller!

He too had a knack for making things look easy!


Not to detract from the wisdom of the Ferriss', but I think the bigger, more impactful question to ask yourself is...

How do I have to TRAIN to make it look easy?

When you compare people who make things look easy ranging from Navy SEALS to soccer Mom's, Special Ops to sales people, Counter terrorism experts to IT professionals... Krav Maga baddies to every day Daddy's...

The ones who make things look REALLY EASY are the ones who TRAIN to make it look easy...

They Train their...

and LIfestyle

...So when the time comes to perform they have their sh*t together!

Rather than not preparing, not training, not practicing and hoping that things come together in the moment of need!

Hope is NOT a strategy...

At least not a good one!

So What Are You Doing?!

To make it look easy in your...

~ Relationships
~ Profession
~ Self Image
~ Krav Training
~ Shooting Skills
~ Ability to Communicate


Keep going,

P.S.S. If you want more FREE PeaceWalker methods of making it look easy 


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