Breathe Easy

A great question came up last night after a student realized that she held her breath during one of the physical defense drills we were doing.

Afterward she asked.

"How do I remember to breathe?"

As usual, my answer was simple... Yet, not easy!

You just train and when you notice you're holding your breath... Breathe!

Keep doing this until you train yourself out of holding your breath during exertion and stress!

It can also help if your training partner (and coach) reminds you too, when they see you holding your breath.

How Important Is It Anyway!?

As you know, breathing is essential for our survival...


It makes a huge difference in your performance of everything from controlling stress, verbal communication, coordination, physical exertion, even cognitive functions.

Once you stop controlling your breath everything else suffers as well!

Breathing Basics...

There are many many ways to breath, Compression Breath, Tactical Breathing, Ujjayi Breath, Buteyko Breathing, Restorative Breathing, etc.

But lets just begin w/natural breathing...

Just like the comment made last night in our Krav Class...

When you notice you have stopped breathing or are holding your breath, just tell yourself to resume breathing.

Here is a quick 3 step method:

1) Relax.
2) Straighten up your posture.
3) Breathe from your belly, then chest. In through your nose / Out though your mouth at a measured slow(ish) pace.

Keep going!


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