Is Your Training Is Based On Superstition?

Is your training based on superstition?!

A great question that can get a little tricky in a few ways...

#1 - If you train for the wrong things, you won't be prepared for when the 'real deal' happens. (Leaving you vulnerable).

#2 - If you constantly immerse yourself in and around people and ideas that are a bit off, you can begin to 'drink the kool-aide' and begin believing it yourself. You can even begin creating that skewed world around you!

#3 - There is only so much available time to train... If you want to be able to protect yourself and others better. Prioritizing your training and focusing on the right things is not just a suggestion... it's ESSENTIAL!

"Reality" Based Training...

If you train in Defensive Tactics, Martial Arts or Tactical Firearms, you hear this term "Reality Based Training" all the time.

Which for many means...

~ Focus on low probability, worst case scenarios.

~ Go Hard and Fast... The Harder & Faster the better!

~ Do things that 'feel good' to train... Things that feed your ego and/or 
    physically... Things that give you some sense of accomplishment control &
    'winning.' (Not that that's all bad)

~ Train things that support your bias or reality.

~ Oversimplify and focus on the wrong part of the situation. (Usually where the 
    'action' is!)

~ Ignore critical details that entail all of the elements of the situation...       
    (Everything that lead up to it and the 'aftermath.')

What 'Real' Life Looks Like...

Well... That can depend a lot on you!

Think about the differences of what your life might look like if...

  • You're on a SWAT Team
  • You were a criminal
  • You are a teacher
  • You run a business
  • You were a street cop
  • You're in sales
  • Correctional officer
  • In executive protection
  • Parent of a teenager
  • Hang out a bars after hours a lot
  • Club security
  • A production worker
  • You live in a high crime area
  • You live in a gated community
  • Etc.

The types of common situations you're likely run across and how you would go about handling them would be different depending on who you are, what you do for a living and where you normally frequent.

Don't get me wrong, it's fun to pretend you are on SEAL Team 6, go strap on some tac gear, grab your guns, go to a shoot house and play...

There is nothing wrong with going down to your local karate studio to train some kata, MMA gym to go a few rounds in the cage, or roll around grappling last years bjj champion.

But how much is any of that really going to help you?

Does the conflict and violence you run into look like that really?!



However, there are also a LOT MORE elements to dealing with conflict and violence that DON'T LOOK LIKE THAT!

Are you training to deal with the spectrum of human conflict!? From keeping a cool head, awareness, avoidance, verbal communication, positioning, force options, handling the aftermath? Medical? Legal? Emotional? Ethical?


Are you prioritizing your training in the right proportion to focus on the entire situation...

Prevention and a scale-able response... A force continuum, etc.

Or... Is your approach based on...

A Bunch of Superstition?!

I'm with you...

I kinda wish things did look more like a Bond movie or John Wick, where the baddies were easy to identify; the 'white rape van' was responsible for all of the sexual assaults; my pistol solved the problem, the threat was clear cut and everyone knew their place...

Who doesn't want to feel like you're in control, confident, powerful, respected?!

But creating training that is only 'Action Oriented', based on superstition or a skewed reality, just leaves you MORE VULNERABLE and what's worse is that most don't even know it!

They think they're prepared, when really they're part of their own problem.

It's alright to go out and have fun with your hobbies at the range, in the dojo and ring...

But remember...



Are you training to build a Protector's Lifestyle?

Where you are developing skills that will help keep you and others around you safe from the gamete of human conflict that occurs.

We may have a lot of differences, but one thing remains consistent...

We ALL have to deal w/people, and with people comes...


And with conflict comes...


So, the better you can handle the full spectrum of human conflict and violence (beginning inside of yourself), the safer you and yours will be and the better you will be able to navigate Life!

Keep going,

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