Hold On Loosely Is More Than a Song...

Getting Back Up On the Horse

Life happens and sometimes we are not able to make it to training for days, weeks, months or more...

It could be for many reasons...

  • Sickness / injury
  • Job
  • Personal issues
  • Relationship changes
  • Travel or Vacation
  • New baby
  • Finances
  • Shifting priorities
  • etc.

However, if you take the advice I shared a few [Almost] daily emails ago about Building a Practice vs. (Just) going to practice, it will be easier to find your way back to your rhythm

This is a big reason I began these [Almost] Daily emails... (Click HERE for FREE subscription).

It is to help folks like you to stay connected and build your practice as it also helps to sustain my own.

Reasons vs. Excuses...

The folks who recently came back to training had reasons for their lapse in their academy attendance...

One had an injured back, then got the flu... a couple of the others had babies!

Those are some legit reasons for a few absences...

But they all stayed connected...

A couple said that these [Almost] Daily emails kept them connected and motivated to get back to class.


You guys rock!

Keep it up!

Keeping It Real!

Most of you know that I don't pull punches regarding this idea of building this protector's Lifestyle, 'Keeping Things Real...' regarding your training.

If I had a dollar for every excuse I've heard of what's keeping someone from training or that they're coming back... I'd be sailing in the Bahama's right now!

I've been at this for a long time... and I've heard it all. So much so that I have to distance myself emotionally from things...

Otherwise it's not healthy for me...

Training and teaching this mean a lot to me... I've dedicated my Life to it.

But that's not all...

Over the years I've trained thousands of people all over the world and I've seen this path, this training dramatically change people's lives!

Yes, being safer, but also, healthier with more confidence and less anxiety and fear. Better relationships, more income, more fulfillment... Overall a better Life!

I know how much it has changed my life and I am very fortunate to be able to share this with countless people throughout the land!

And judging from what I've seen and what feedback I get, my 'evil' little plan of changing the world one person at a time is working famously!

.38 Special Isn't Just a Gun!

You've heard me say before...

We're all responsible for our own training (and Lives)...

So, I just 'Keep Going' and in the words of that 80's Southern Fried Rock Band, .38 Special, I hold on loosely... But don't let go! =)

The investment is quite high...

But so is the reward!!

Following In the Footsteps...

So, follow in the footsteps of those folks who overcame Life's adversity and moved forward despite those things that cast doubt in them or threatened to keep them down.

They didn't listen to those excuses and you don't have to either! They broke through those 'everyday' set backs that would otherwise hold them down...

You can too!

Beyond the odds, they made it back to their training and continue to build their practice.

If you're stuck right now, this is your wake up call to get back in the saddle and get your momentum back!

The fact that you're reading this means you are further than you think!

Keep going,

For FREE [Almost] Daily Tips, Tricks & Tactics on Building a Protector's Life Click HERE!


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