7 Degrees!

Notice the temp in that pic above...

7 degrees! 

That was taken from my car's dashboard.

Let's just say it was a bit of a brisk run this morning! 

Remember me telling you that I taught a brief church security workshop the other day?

Well, I did. If you didn't read it, go back a couple emails and you'll see it. 

Anyway, I love having the opportunity to spread the word on this PeaceWalker approach with people. 

It's great to hear feedback once in a while... So, it made my day to hear from Jim, the Private PeaceWalker member who brought me in to his church to train his team. 

He went to the trouble to write a very thoughtful email to me of what some of the attendees said about using the concepts that they learned in our session together! 

I thought you'd like to hear it...



At last night's Cor Valor class, I was closing the class (in Craig Gray fashion) with a little reflection about the difficulty of respecting and appreciating people who are "different".

Dan (57) is a supervisor trying to get one of his people to just fill out a time card, completely and on time. The person, for weeks, has not come even close to doing that simple task. Dan said that, prior to Tuesday's seminar, he was planning to give a "Do this, or else" mandate. Now he's strategizing how to use some of the tools you described to help it resolve well. More to come on that one....

In another connection, Debbie shared that her women's prayer group was last night talking about the Old Testament story where God is trying to get Moses to be His spokesperson to Pharaoh in Egypt. Moses is not buying it. "I have a speech problem!" "Can't do it!" Apparently Moses didn't think God would be much help :). Then..... God proposed "Plan B" - "We'll have your brother Aaron be the spokesperson." Even GOD uses "plan B" when Plan A doesn't work!
In short, you're making a impact! (and all the rest of the students got to hear about it through Charles' and Dan's examples)

In short, you're making a impact! 


All In a Day's Work! 

I am always grateful to hear how this PeaceWalker message is changing and protecting lives in small and not so small ways. Thank you Jim for bringing me in and sharing the stories from people using the training! 

It's amazing the impact of even a short training session can have on your life, let alone knowing (and using) the whole approach!

If you want to hear more about this approach, now's your chance! 

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Keep Going!



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