The Fight In the Dog

All of us PeaceWalkers can connect with this dog story.

An acquaintance of mine has 2 dogs.

One, female.

One, male.

The female dog's name is Misty and she is a medium-sized pug.

She is friendly, but reserved and weighs 12 pounds.

Now, Jackson is the real character.

He's a pomeranian papillion mix.

Jet-Black in color, and weighs 7 pounds.

Guess who's the boss in this relationship?

Well, it isn't Misty.

Just because Jackson is only 7 pounds, and smallish in stature,
doesn't inhibit him in any way.

He strides right up to the biggest dogs ( including Pit Bulls ) and
extends a friendly greeting.

And he's more than eager to mix it up and play.

You see, Jackson doesn't view himself as a "small-dog."

He's not a victim of "small-dog syndrome".

He views himself on an equal level to even the biggest dogs.

So, just remember whatever your size, the important thing is the
confidence you project and your willingness to mix it up and
enter the fray.

Your stature isn't important - your Identity and Attitude are!

Are you going to be a Misty or a Jackson?

Who are you going to CHOOSE to be!?

A victim, weak, unconfident?!

Or will you choose to embrace your true identity as a Protector a PeaceWalker that sports a positive perspective and is so confident... so  'bad a$$' that you are the coolest, nicest person in the room.

It's like Dr. Humphrey said:

Where ever you go everyone is a little bit safer because you are there...

Where ever you walk anyone in need has a friend...

But, only you can make that decision.

Wearing it On Your Sleeve...

No, you don't have to wear your emotions (or anything else) on your sleeve...

However if you want to wear your inner PeaceWalker on the outside, check out the swag here:

Have a great day today!

Keep going,


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