Are people from Crete Creteans??

Here I am in Crete. It is a pretty cool island. It is a bit more difficult getting around, but far from impossible. Most people speak at least a little english and I have gotten very good at asking (in Greek) if they speak english. I walked around about 15 miles today. Into town, around town, to all (and I do mean all) of their museums, archelogical sights, some cafe's and town squares. I really didn't even get lost today. Wow, I must be making some progress. I met a couple English people (yes, people from England silly) we hung out until about 1am or so and talked about politics, troubled youth, the difference between the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service (don't ask, if I told you I'd have to kill you:), body guards, ccw laws etc.

It was kinda of funny, most of the museums that I went to today were under construction and had only one exhibit open. Geeze, you'd think that they would have at least discounted their entry price, but noooooooo! Oh well. I at least had a really good frappe' at a cafe' after!

In one of the museums I saw the ww2 history of how Germany invaded Greece and Crete in 1941. I didn't really know about that part of history. We don't talk about it much in the States. It was pretty powerful.

Tomorrow I head to Knossos the land of the Mineitour (I really don't know how to spell it and this spell check is not working...damn it). I am excited to see that archelogical dig!!

Well, that's all from me right now.

Catch up with you all later.



  1. Craig, I'm glad to hear all is going well. I'm really enjoying my time in your blog. I didn't know you were travelling alone when you announced your plans at BNI. You are an adventurer, aren't you? Keep the posts coming, I love them. Be safe and enjoy your time away.

  2. Is Sensei Easy concerned with price. I NEVER thought I'd see the day. I hope on your visit they find the actual minotaur skeleton!

  3. The price isn't the issue...getting repeatedly screwed is :)


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