It is amazingly hot here today and it's only 10am. I have been here in Crete for about 4 days now. I am heading to southern Crete on a bus to a Youth Hostel in Plakas. This one should prove to be interesting because I am supposed to be staying in an 8 person dorm. I am going to try to get into something with less people in it, but we'll see. It has been nice being in my own room here.

I saw some really cool things here in Herkiloin (which means city of Herculies), Crete's capitol. The town has some cool museums (only if they weren't under construction) and such. I went to Knossos (ancient Minoean city/palace), Yeta a town that produces olive oil and wine (pretty cool) and some areas that I didn't see down town. In Knossos I found out about the Minetour and Theasus. Saw the oldest paved road in Europe (dating back to 2000 bc). I guess they (the people inhabiting Crete) make up some of the founding members of European society, ranging back to 6700 bc or so! The tour guide seemed very knowledgable about where we went. She was a spunky older Greek woman who reminded me of a teacher I had when I was in middle school. She's a fiesty one. I think I saw her drag a couple people off by the ear and make them write "I will not hold up the exhibit line" on the chalkboard 1000 times. She asked me if I was from the states (I have not run into anyone from the states here in Crete...ironically enough no Aussies either, a bit of English and lots of Germans though) and after I told her in fact I was, she proceeded to tell me a joke about President Bush and his poor speaking skills. I have to admidt that I don't quite know how to take jokes like that from people other than Americans... It is even more amusing to me that these people I run into know intimate details of our administration and government and I couldn't tell them anything about theirs. Heck, they know more about my own government than I know about it. Wow, no wonder we have such a bad rep out there...

I have been having dinner with Eva the past few nights. She is a middle-aged English woman who is a social worker in her home town Durand. Her dad was Indian and her mom was from England. She spent a good number of years living in Calcutta, so she had some interesting stories. She is staying here in Crete alone on holiday. She is nice enough and provided interesting conversation regarding the UK and her travel experiences. She is happy to get out of the rain and crap weather of England. She says that it has been really wet this summer.

Oh, George's connection never worked out... oh well, no worries.

Prince is playing on the radio right now. Which reminds me how ecletic the music has been here. They (the stations) will go from American music to strange dance mixes from all over Europe and if the mood strikes them they'll throw in some traditional music w/a techno back beat to it...weird!

Well, I should get up to my room and pack my stuff for my bus trip to Plakas. I think I'll be in the bus for about 4 hours or so.



  1. I finally have a Google ID, as evidenced by my post to your previous travelogue. I am jealous of your journey. Sounds like you are seeing some really amazing things. Greece has been on my list of places to see before I die for some time, and you are really whetting my appetite. I showed your notes to a Creationist, and she says that there were no Europeans 8700 years ago. She then quoted many biblical passages which I have forgotten, but the gist is that the world was not created in 6700 bc and therefore no road could have existed. And yes I agree that the rest of the world takes what we would consider to be and uncommon interest the American beauracracy. Sad that we are so damn ignorant. Hope this finds you well. I am eager to connect upon your return. Urban Mill?


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