Buyu Camp with Jack Hoban in Jersey

Shortly after touching down in the U.S. I was off to the East Coast to train with Jack Hoban in the art of Budo Tai Jutsu. It was a weekend filled with good training and great people. It was good seeing Jack again. It seemed like it had been a while since I saw him last.
The weather was absolutely gorgeous the whole weekend. People came from all over the world to train. I had the pleasure to see many people I typically train with when I go out there and met many more wonderful and talented martial artists.

Saturday morning after an early jog and warm up everyone sat down and Jack led a couple hour training session that was filled with his usual (and sometimes unusual!) great training insights and methods. Then as we all sat in the grass Jack surprised me by asking if I would teach one of the afternoon sessions. I was a little taken back but very honored and excited to have been asked to contribute. Jack asked me what my session was going to cover and I immediately knew... I told him I would show some ground work. When my group gathered we began covering escapes from the mount, some sweeps from the guard, a couple submissions, and getting up in base. The group kept an open mind and did very well, Jack even joined in and gave me a hand. He was a gracious and respectful host. Thanks Jack!

Although I had to leave a little early to drive 14 hours home, I had a great weekend!

I am looking forward to seeing Jack in November.



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