Kuntaw with Buzz Smith

This Saturday a dozen or so of us got together at Chuck Pippin's Innovative Martial Arts Academy in Grand Rapids Michigan to train with Buzz Smith a master of the Southeast Asian martial art known as Kuntaw. Buzz is very knowledgeable and has much to offer. I have had the pleasure of training with Buzz at two earlier Gathering of the Tribes and this was no different. His perspective on standing and ground fighting was well received and very insightful. I like his approach to martial arts and the way he teaches. He uses examples of movements that we do every day to help people more easily understand the concepts he is trying to get across. Movements like "looking at your watch, picking up change, asking for lunch money, hitchhiking and many others" have helped many internalize combative movements that may otherwise take much longer to pick up. I know some of his teaching methods have helped me and people I have trained understand and communicate things in much simpler terms. Definitely shortening the learning curve. It is rare that I come across an instructor with so much knowledge, open mindedness, unique and functional teaching methods, respectful demeanor and skill. Truly a great experience. Thank you Buzz! I am looking forward to training with you again soon.



  1. I just found this, and I am humbled- thank you Craig. I too enjoy working with you and hope that it goes on......

  2. Buzz~ Thanks for checking out the blog and for all the good training!!


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